FUO Student Found Dead In A Pond

dead fuo student

In respect to the 100 level guy whose body was found floating today, he did not die in a river but rather in a pond (though deep and wide) but it's not a river.

From what we gathered, it seems like he was murdered as some one of the community leaders said. "How can over 30 people come here to swim and one person who they were not sure actually entered the pond just get missing all of a sudden and no one could know or even say anything about it. They came here to initiate him and probably he could not make it through or he refused and they killed him." he said.

 Investigation is still ongoing and his friends who went swimming with him are all in SARS custody since yesterday.

The Chief security officer of FUO also used the opportunity to address students who were present at the scene to desist  from swimming in the river and ponds alike because for ponds like this, there other reptiles living inside that can cause harm to an individual and even death, even if the person can swim very well.

As at the time of filling this report, his corpse have been deposited at the morgue by the Federal Medical Centre Otuoke medical personnel. 

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