The first stage

You two just want to hear your voices, hearing those voices of yours makes you feel happy and you feel like you’re satisfied for the day!!

The second stage

It is an upgrade where you two wants to share that intimacy, even without having anything to discuss you just want to be together not seeing each other for a sec its like something isn’t complete in you!!

Here comes the third stage

where you take it far as making it known to your folks, and people sometimes envy you two wishing they where in your love story!!

Fourth stage

He or she is so perfect that you don’t see the flaws in yourselves..everything is going smoothly, to the point that you end up making statements like you’re the best in the world!!! All this is as a result of LOVE

The fifth stage

You’re becoming closer and closer to each other that you now get so fond of each other, that you share things in common!!

Now comes Mr sixth stage

where you’re no more feeling that emotions you did initially, and you don’t know why and you can’t explain but you just know its not there as it used to be….!!

Seventh stage makes it worst

Your intimacy isn’t as usual and you two can’t explain why, either he’s busy or she’s occupied unlike before that you make out time for yourselves. And I keep asking myself what happened to the love then but the truth is that Mr eighth stage says it all.

Mr Eighth stage has this to say

From all the scenarios so far does it mean there wasn’t anything as love..nope!! There was the conclusion of the whole matter is. Love is a feeling that everybody will encounter irrespective of who you are, its just designed that way, its a special feeling you’ll one day feel for someone.

But the truth is love brings you two together but love won’t make it sustain because it has to be backed up..love can’t work alone in a relationship….the love brought you two but wisdom and knowledge sustains that relationship..love doesn’t see flaws but wisdom helps manage those flaws and enable the love to continue but if you just base you relationship on love alone don’t forget you’ll always get to the point of stage seven.

Love says you’re the best in the universe non like you, wisdom says nope, you’re not the best we’re working on making ourselves the best…love says even if she can’t cook I still love her wisdom says nope! Let’s sort that area 1st because love you won’t be there when they really need you.

Love says I love him even if he doesn’t have money, wisdom says nope!! Love you won’t fix the bills, let me make him work and achieve something in life. Love doesn’t see the angry or funny attitude in you two but wisdom does and looks for a way to manage it so plsss don’t keep your relationship alone on the basis of love.

So when next you experience issues in your relationship, don’t say he doesn’t love or she doesn’t love me, its just that love is a feeling….like I said, love brings you two together but wisdom keeps you two going!! Shalom


By: Tonye Pere

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