He had so many plans which were very nice mentally but these were all potentials locked up in a prison. “I will mentor you but not for free. I want you to pay N5,000 for a three months coaching session.” I took my time to explain why he had to pay the N5,000 and the benefits of why he had to pay.

Just at this point, I gave him some tips on what the coaching will entail. For those who know me, they prefer my speaking session to my writing because when I speak, I say things that I possibly don’t know. I speak under inspiration. As I spoke, this young hand was sensible able to document points that dazzled him and before I was done, book don full.

“The difference between you and me is very simple. I am an upcoming RUTHLESS EXECUTOR. You know more than me and that I must admit. There were some things you were saying that I haven’t heard before and there were some books you mentioned that I haven’t read. You know so much but you have done so less. I know so less and do so much.”

At this point, this young man began to get some crystals of clarity and understanding. As I look into his eyes, I saw desperation and determination.

“Your problem is that you know too much. You think too much. You read too much. You plan too much and you execute too less. Am I correct?”
“Mr. Pojomatics, you are very correct.” he said as he began to get my point.

* * *
I could relate with him because I have being there before. At a very tender age, I was exposed to the beauty of reading. I started reading the newspaper daily probably in JSS3. I started buying personal development book in my senior secondary school days.

By the time I was in SSS3, I had my personal library and was already a children teacher. I had already started mentoring individuals and was giving them books to read. By the time I arrived at University of Benin, I was an addicted reader. I was so addicted that I was afraid to carry money around because if I get to a book stand, I would empty my pocket money on books.

I bought books to the point that my mother was heavily angry. I remember the anger on her face when I bought a particular Myles Munroe’s book for N2,000 I’m 2014. Is it Brain Tracy, Sam Adeyemi, Bishop David Oyepedo, Myles Munroe, John C. Maxwell…?

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Despite the tons of information I had, I wasn’t making any progress. I knew so much but I wasn’t making any tangible result. My knowledge was what I was proud of. My library was my pride. My visions and plans placed smiles on my face but then, I was stagnant. That broke off last year when I met STEVE HARRIS. After encountering him at Paradigm Shift, I decided to be ruthless in executing my plans and dear reader I saw raw progress.
* * *
After a little conversation, I fell in love with this young man. I almost was ready to mentor him for free but I had to exercise self-control because I was on the path of learning how not to feel bad when I charge people who wanna feed on my ‘sweetness.’… To be continued.

Dear reader, have you discovered that most people who know so much do so less. They have head knowledge and fail to convert it into heart and hand knowledge. You have being on that spot for years. You said you wanted to be rich but you aren’t taking any practical steps to bring it to reality.

You said you wanted a first class honour but you ended up graduating with a third class? What will be will be… Really? If your life has to make progress, you have to step out of your comfort zone. You need to consciously take steps to convert your dreams and plans to CONSISTENT ACTION.

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