“Fine, Give me your widow’s mint: pay whatever will pain you.” I said as I looked intently at this young man. Saying this made me feel uncomfortable but I just had to do it. I have learnt from my boss, Emeka Nobis to sell my thoughts without feeling bad and the best way to get used to it is by applying it.

“So go think about it and get back to me.” I said as I was ready to end this meeting and pace out but this guy was more ready than I thought.

“Mr. Pojo, there is nothing I am thinking about. I have N4,000 in my account and am ready to sacrifice it. Give me your account number.” he said as he brought out his phone.

“wentin they worry this one?” I said in my mind. I was ‘mahd’ but this was raw madness that I wouldn’t even encourage one to practice. As I sat down close to this, my mind paced in a brownian-motion path. There were many “What ifs” in my mind. What if I collect this money and don’t deliver, what if I can’t give a value up to this amount… “Please, go think about what you are about to do. It is not advisable to take decision when one is emotional.”  I said as I tried to hide my fears.

“Mr. Pojo, there is something you have that I want. I have thought of this over and over and there’s no going back for me. Just give me the account number.” he said. Those words were so loud that they broke some limiting walls on my inside.

I gave him my account number and few minutes time, I got a N4,000 alert. I almost cried.

I struggled to keep the tears inside but they were too stubborn that they came out. “So the lazy life I envisioned as a kid is possible?” I said to myself under my breathe.

Dear reader, I was charged.

My inspiration was on the rise.

This boy has to get double portion of my grace.

He has to be ‘mahder’ than me.

“The truth is that there is nothing magical about Pojomatics. I am just a normal guy like you. And all the feats I have commanded which looks like mysteries to others are just simple everyday principles.” I said as I watched this young man documenting my words yet again.

“You know so much and I must admit here that you know more than me but there is only one thing that differentiates us.” I said.

At this point, he looked into my eyes, wanting to here that “something.” Probably, he thought it will be one big RHEMA but dear reader, it wasn’t.  “I AM A RUTHLESS EXECUTOR.” I said. Crystals of perplexity formed out of this curiosity.

“You know so much because you have read so much. You have planned so much and visualize too much but you have done too less. Am I right?”

“Mr. Pojo, that is it. You are right” he said as he gave a vague smile, “I have bought and read lot of books, I have planned my life but I found myself not being able to do what I had planned.” At this point, I knew what I had to do.

My job was easy. My job was like pushing a man, who was at the tip of the cliff, off the cliff. “Don’t expect me to teach you something new that you haven’t heard before. Expect to DO what you have never done before.” I said with great authority and power.

At this point, the meeting was over. We stood up and walked down to the back gate. While he pondered on my words. I pondered on the cash. Smiles.

I remember how few months ago, I complained to my Rich Dad, Sir Emmanuel Abidakun about my mum’s inability to take care of my needs. He said to me, “Young man, there is something inside of you that if harnessed will take care of your needs, that of your mother and leave you with abundance.”

I have seen that thing. It’s my natural ability to fashion and design words. The ability to use my words to form vivid and real mental pictures that gets my clients less motivated and highly provoked. I decided to be ruthless. I decided to daily horn my skills till the “Lazy Life” are complete reality… To be continued.

I remembered inviting a friend to a church program and what he said got me thinking, “Gaga, wentin them one talk when I no know? I don read book sote I don tire.”

The painful part was that his life was not matching up with depth of the knowledge he had. He had no results to show that these knowledge he claimed he had were in him. I planned my life in 2015 and it was very beautiful. I read books but to mark the register. I went to programs due to the drive in me.

But in all of this, I was broke, unfulfilled and meaningless. Last year, meeting Steve Harris at a program in Warri cracked my religious thinking and since then, I had seen progress that humbles me. I rose to become the first writer to win FUPRE SUG BEST WRITER AWARD, I was nominated for an award, MOST INTELLECTUAL WRITER OF THE YEAR…

Now, I EXECUTE daily and my results are increasing. Until you DO something, your plans, visions, dreams will all be inactive and you will live a life of regret and same blaming others for your sheer foolishness. There is a huge gap between the METAPHYSICAL and the MATERIAL. Your consistent action bridges the gap. Dust yourself and START.  START THAT BOOK. WRITE THAT CODE. BREAK THAT HABIT.

On the 27th of May, I will be starting my first official online course, MEMO UPDATE APP. Version 1.0 is themed, ” BECOMING THE PRODIGALIST.”


For those who complain my articles are too long, please I am sorry. By June, my articles will be very short and the long ones will be paid for.




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