Firstly I want to start by thanking the guys behind this platform for their ingenuity and creativity, it is indeed a credit to FUOtuoke and all FUO students. At least we now have a platform where we can air our views and grievances through writing so that the outside world ca get to see more of what is happening.

I am writing this because the management of Federal University Otuoke has been playing smart on the intelligence of over seven thousand students and it is not a good omen.


When this school was established in 2011, the school management included the sum of 3000 as student union charges even when there was none existing by that time until 2015 when the student union executives led by Comr. Stephen Akariwa came into office. What did the management do with the money derived from the collection of #3,000 from 2011 – 2014? Till today, the school is yet to release the SUG dues to the union executives.


Secondly, the management of this school has been extorting the sum of two thousand Naira only (#,2000) from our students in form of sports levy yet, they do not, I repeat, they do not sponsor or encourage sporting activities on campus. Every student and executives that has held the position of director of sports will attest to the attitude of the school management.

The only sporting activity done on campus is the annual VC’s cup which over the years has been poorly funded and supported by the school management. The recent and most annoying case that prompted this write up is the case of the just concluded West African Universities Games (WAUG) which was held in University of Port Harcourt in October, 2018.

A memo was released for all sports loving students to register for their sports of interest with the sport department and the training commenced immediately. Most students skipped lectures just to train in preparation of the games (I’m still wondering why sports was removed from the lecture timetable and it’s very annoying that even while it was there, lecturers still held lectures into the sports time.) Oh! FUO

Reports have it that the sports department submitted a budget of two million naira (#2,000,000) to the school management for the camping and welfare of the sports team for the games but the school turned it down, with the excuse that the money was too much.

What the heck? 2,000 X 5,000=10,000,000 and we’ve paid for it so how come they say no money? Where did all the money go to because there are no infrastructural projects going on in the school, even the sports hall they gave us to be using for the main time is so small that it can only contain a handful of  students at once plus the fact that it’s not proper equipped.

Having forced all students to pay up their school fees and expelled those that couldn’t meet up with the deadline, this same administration refused sponsoring the school’s sports team to the just concluded WAU Games this year. IT may interest you to know that this same scenario played out last year and for two consecutive times, we have missed out on the WAU Games after training and preparing for it. It’s very appalling.


Most times I wonder how people feel comfortable eating a money they collected from poor students knowing fully well the current economic situation of this country.

If you check the student charges of all engineering students, you’ll see the sum of ten thousand Naira (#10,000) attached to something called Science/Engr. Lab. Practical. The current pioneer students did not engage in any science practical as they did in their 100L which justifies the payment but rather an I.T practical was scheduled for them by the faculty which was to take place in the school immediately after the second semester exams.

The dean of  faculty of engineering, Prof. Steve Nwabuzor on behalf of the faculty submitted a budget of two million naira only (#2,000,000) to the school management to facilitate the practical for these students and again, the management turned it down, with the excuse that the  money was too much.

Now, there are over 400 pioneer engineering students in the faculty of engineering, Federal University Otuoke that paid their fees for session. 400 X 10,000 = 4,000,000. So how come they are telling us there is not enough money to fund the practical when these students have all paid for it?

Where did they go with our money and what was done with them? As you read this, the department of mathematics education and some other also paid this money even when it was obvious they are not doing any practical. They made a report to the school management and nothing was done about it till date and am sure by next session, everyone is still going to pay this same money.



Another most annoying case of corruption and student exploitation is the payment of the sum of ten thousand Naira (#10,000) by every student of FUO as so called development fee yet, there’s no single development happening in school.

Students are forced to stay in overcrowded lecture halls, no cooling system, no sound system to aid the lecturers, no adequate sits, no constant electricity in school, poor road networks and no transportation system, even the WiFi which the four thousand naira (#4,000) ICT charges which I presume covers is no longer available to us even though we were limited to certain Mb per day,  etc.

All infrastructures are still the same for the past 4 years since I came here, no improvement so what are they developing? Our hostels, especially the boy’s hostel are an eye sour because they lack maintenance yet, the inhabitants paid #1,000 as maintenance fee (which is not written in the hostel receipt) after paying a huge sum of #10,000 as hostel fee. WE are being robbed in broad day light.

I am using this medium to call on The Ministry of Education, ICPC, EFCC, Ministry of youth development and other appropriate agencies to please come and look into the matters listed above, we are being exploited! The school’s student charges receipt shows in details every single payment made by all students in different levels in the school.

My name is Campus Angel the Revealer and I am a pained, aggrieved, robbed, exploited and concerned student.

Expect more revelations!

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