Event organizers are increasing on daily basis in Federal University Otuoke and we are grateful to them for adding spice to the life we live in this boring remote village where nothing happens; it’s a dead zone when school is on vacation.

Whether we like it or not, aside the academic prowess of a university, events is part of the things that also sell the name of a particular institute in any geographical location, no matter how remote it is and event organizers contribute massively to this.

Everyday, posters, flyers and banners of events are circulated round campus with different names, themes and purposes but it all boil down to getting the social life of the students spiced up a bit and it is a welcomed one.
However, from the series of happenings so far, it would not be wrong or out of place if I say that most (in the majority, say 90%) of event organizers in fuotuoke are too selfish and self-centered. Hold on first, allow me tell you the reason for my comment.

It is a known fact that majority of the events held on our campus by these event organizers are not done for free, there are always gate pass charges ranging from 200-500 for regular while 1000-5000 are for VIP and Tables, depending on the event. Even those that are in the form of competitions are not left out as they sell forms and candidates also sell tickets as part of the competition qualification.

Definitely, apart from the fact that these events provide a means to have fun, it is also a means for these event organizers to generate revenue for themselves and make profits from the venture. So how come an event organizer hosting a show where people will pay money for tickets and or forms wants to have the same event promoted for FREE? How?

In making the budget for your show/event you draft out money for the artistes, comedians, prizes for winners, decorators, make payments for the event venue etc and when it comes to the publicity, you write free. How na? For your event to be successful means there was a massive turnout and that can be possible when there’s effective publicity which is the only guarantee for you to make profits from the event.

I still don’t understand the rationality behind some event organizers in fuotuoke not wanting to spend money in publicizing their events/show but want massive turnouts. Some even approach advertisers to run free promotions for them all in the name of being a small brand, upcoming brand etc.

Others come in with the guise of wanting partnerships/sponsors BUT, won’t tell you what your share will be at the end (which is also a means of giving you gratification). They just want you to give them your resources while they tall all the profits.

Even artistes are not left out in this. They spend tens of thousands in getting a track but can’t pay as little as 3,000 to have it hosted or 5,000 for hosting and hyping and I ask, who is fooling who here? They forget that the more people hear about them, the more they get the exposure they are looking for.

This post is simply out rightly! We all are in a chain and everyone needs others to succeed. Your events need the advertisers to be able to reach out to the target audience and the advertisers need the money of the event organizers to remain in the industry; everyone needs the other to survive and remain in the industry.

Some even prefer to patronize people outside to promote events in our campus than meet those here and yet you want fuotuoke entertainment industry to grow? There’s always a small beginning to every big thing we see today and its growth was facilitated by the trust, believe and support it got from people, especially close ones.

I’m appealing to event organizers in fuotuoke to please stop being selfish and wanting free publicity for their events when they stand to make profits at the end of the events from ticket sales and other sponsorship. Let us support every segment of our entertainment industry on campus and together we can reach the unreached.

So next time when drafting your budget and making plans for your event as an event organizer, remember that publicity remains the bedrock to the success of any event which a major yardstick for measurement is the turn up and free publicity doesn’t do much.

The place of media and publicity cannot be over emphasized in the success of any event, organization, business, groups etc so if you are looking for publicity and media team to handle your media and publicity needs, FUO Campus Gist is willing to work with you. Get in Touch with us now.

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