The faculty orientation program was kick-started with an opening prayer by a 100L student of Arts Education (History Education).
The opening remarks was given by the Dean of the faculty represented by Dr Juliet Teibowei who is the HOD of Arts Education and in her opening speech, she welcomed all returning students and most importantly the freshers into the institution and the faculty.

She also reminded the fresh students on why they have to come to school, which is to acquire more knowledge and also to graduate with a good certificate. Further more on the program, the faculty excos were recognized, the chairman of the faculty of education in person of comrade Chukwu Joseph (Science Education) stood up and waved at the students.

From there, the faculty officer in person of Mr Timothy talked about registration requirements and the use of the Students Handbook. In his statement, he said if students fail to meet up with the necessary requirements like statutory declaration form, guarantors form and other important credentials, they won’t be allowed to pay their fees and also they won’t be cleared.

Which means they’ve automatically missed the chance of becoming a student of the institution. Also concerning the Students Handbook, he said it is very important for all students to get a copy of the handbook for it will guide the students to know more about the university community.

Next on the program was Relationship with the Host Community

Held by Dr Victor under the department of Arts Education. In his statement, he said it is very important for students to know the various communities surrounding the university, some of which are Otuoke, Otuaba this is where the university is located, then also, Emeyal, Kolo, Elebele, Onuebum, Agbura, Yenagoa etc. He also said that students should know that all these various communities are very peaceful and made mention the main occupation of these various communities are fishing and farming, and they are they have religious tolerance of which the major and dominant religion is Christianity.

He also said there are four major languages (dialects) these communities communicate with, they include (ogbia, epie, ijaw) which is most dominant one and also pidgin English for communication. He also warned students to avoid Creeks (Rivers) in the community for it is very risky for students who can’t swim. He also reminded them of various market Days in the communities.

He talked about Students respecting their elders. He also told them not to take laws into their hands and should report any form of threat to their lives to community authorities or to the school security. He also talked About payment of light bills And House rents when due. Lastly he told them not to argue about religious or condemn any culture or criticize them. They Should Always be Law abiding in the community.

The next on the program was words of encouragements and advice by various HODs (Head of Departments).

It was kick-started by the HOD of science education Dr Mark Pepple, followed the HOD of Arts Education represented by Dr Chiyenre Okoro Jaja and lastly by the HOD of Business Education Dr Boma Dambo.
They all advised and encouraged students on various areas which is very important in the life of every student in the institution.

As the program proceeds, Professor Ayah Seth of the faculty of education talked about Discipline, good conducts, good grades and academic excellence. He defined academic excellence as the ability to make sure a student graduate with first class, a good grade nothing less than 2.1… He urged all students to score A’s in all courses. He also talked about the importance of the use of computers in learning.

He asked “How do we intend to achieve academic excellence?

1. To have a vision
2. Work towards that vision
3. Try to always be the best.

He also said our results should be filled with A’s and if we have B’s for it is manageable. He said no miracles and prayers can help us if we fail to study and plan towards our academics, we should Study and at the same time pray hard. He made mention of students having their own personal timetable.

Dr Boma Dambo HOD of Business Education talked about various codes in the faculty and what they meant. She said the codes are mixtures of alphabets and numbers. For the faculty Courses, the codes for first semester are EDU101, EDU201, EDU301, she said the numeric odd codes like 101, 201, 301 are for first semester while codes like 102, 202, 302 which are even numbers are codes for second semester courses. she also said codes like 101, 102 are for 100L, codes like 201, 202 are for 200L, and codes like 301, 302 are for 300L students.

She also said the various departments in the faculty also have departmental codes for each departmental courses of which AED (For Arts Education) BED (Business Education), SED (Science Education). She also advised students to avoid carrying courses over.

Professor Williams James talked about graduation requirements.

He said in any course a student offers, it is required that he should score a minimum of 45 in any Course, they should make required percents of attending all classes before they can be allowed to write exams. Students will have to pass a total of 120 units in the Final year, he said. Students can be allowed to graduate with a minimum of 150 as their total C.G.P.A else they will have an extra Year.

He also said extra one year in school is not an option for any student.

the school system in the country no more accept passed results, its either they graduate with third class, second class lower, second class upper or first class, that’s when they can be offered a certificate.
4.50 to 5.00 1st class
3.50 to 4.49 2nd class upper
2.50 to 3.49 2nd class lower
1.50 to 2.49 3rd class.

Lastly on the program were words of advice by Professor Azuka also came up and gave some words of advice, urging the students to be worthy both in character and learning, in his statement he said students shouldn’t be nuisance to the university community, they should not carry out activities they can’t carry out at their various homes, they should dress properly to cover their nakedness, dress as responsible persons and should make their parents proud of them even when they are not here to monitor their movements and activities.

They should always be well behaved students. He also talked about cultism that students should avoid such groups and social vices, for it is very dangerous and they won’t be spared if they got caught.


Reported by: Proklef for FUO Campus Gist

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