After my withdrawal from uniben, I felt worthless, useless and valueless. I felt like the prodigal son who took his father’s money to a strange land and blew it away. Damn!!! Millions went down in Benin. I lived the life of an Aje Butter. Money was in the account.

As a fresher, lots of people gifted me money as I go to school. But, I LACKED FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE but God helped me still to invest in books. And so, I decided to eat the forbidden fruit in the year 2015 and as expected, my eyes opened and I saw my nakedness.

My admission into fupre was another opportunity. I saw myself as a part-time student and a full-time entrepreneur. The mind-set was that I was a graduate already and so, I upgraded my vision. My vision was to drive me miles away from the normal. I called my vision THE GPI VISION.

I wanted to graduate with Good grades, like every other students but the other part of the vision was my COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. I wanted to be one of the most popular students in the school. I wanted to because the most influential individual in my niche and I wanted to be the G.O.A.T in the ideology fabrication industry.
So as I started school, I was very selective of my friends.

It was either you we’re intelligent or smart and if you had none and you wanted to be my friend, my look tells you, “Bros, pack well.” Smiles. This decision brought people like Sheye Sikiru, Prynnce E Darlington, Ilekura Idowu, Kutaje J. Oghenevwaire, Ozoemena Obiora, Ovuoke Aghwotu…to my life.

The first person that I brought into my Circle of Influence was Oteri. He wasn’t intelligent, we were in the same boat but this guy was smart. He was less interested in academic excellence but more interested in societal relevance.

Oteri wanted to become a successful programmer and entrepreneur. He was a MAHD being who was interested in the edge region of the coin of life. He always told me to be conscious of THE BUSINESS SIDE OF THINGS.

By default, he became my Brand Strategist. He was a dangerous constructive critic that saw something wrong in my works when others saw me as a Messiah… I wish I could go on to tell you the story of how my relationship with Oteri gave me a competitive advantage in the FUPRE market and beyond.
* * *
Yesterday, I decided to go visit my ex-brand strategist. I was prepared. I must defeat this dude today.
* * *
By the time, I was done, I was happy that the ‘god of this world’ couldn’t find anything of his in me. I quickly gulped the remaining liquid content in the plastic container I held.”pojomatics, your dream too big. It’s bigger than you. You want to change the world but for me, that not my calling.” This provoked heated laughter. As we stepped out of his place, he said, “Pojomatics, I want you to start making money from your craft. You are really good but it’s time for you to start making money.”

I guess I know this already because I was working toward it. “Give the people what they want”. These words penetrated into my bone marrow. “I need you to have a bookshop and a cinema side by side. The cinema brings in cash. The bookshop changes the world.” This statement was too deep…. To be continued

  • Food For Thought: You must surround yourself with people who constantly and consistently add value to your life.
  • Critical Thinking: Do your friend add value to your life?
  • Action Plan: Properly analyze and seek to upgrade your circle of influence.




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