Halloween Costume

“No. I’m not wearing this.”

Louise had her ear leaned up against her brother’s door, hearing his muffled voice through the wood. “Let me see,” she called back through.

“There’s no way I’m going to a party like this. Just forget it.”

“It’s not that bad. Open up and let me see.”

Frustrated, Louise pressed her skull into the wood, considering popping the lock briefly, and even more briefly, considering letting her brother off the hook. A few seconds later, the knob clicked.

Louise stepped into his room, setting herself not to react to his costume. Fortunately, Carter’s head was turned away just long enough that he didn’t see her fail.

“There’s just no way,” Carter said. He turned toward his sister, holding his arms out to let her see.

The costume was a little bit of faux-leather, forming a loincloth, and a whole lot of bare skin. The loincloth had three triangles in the front, overlapping at the waist but tapering and splitting apart as they went down for about six inches, with the middle one being a little bigger. In the back was one larger triangle over his butt, with a small, speedo-sized covering underneath.

Louise reset her face back to stony reassurance, hopefully before he saw it. “You look great, Tarzan. Why are you complaining? Every girl in there is going to be checking you out.”

“I don’t want everyone to check me out. Christ.”

“I’m dressed the same way you are,” Louise said, spinning to show her costume. It was a Jane costume that matched his Tarzan; faux-leather one-piece that went over one shoulder and form-fit down into a mini-dress.

“Yours covers more than mine. A lot more. You could make ten of my costumes out of your costume.”

“You’re Tarzan. Tarzan’s not supposed to wear a bunch of stuff, he’s a jungle man.”

“I don’t want to go to a party with every girl I know dressed as a jungle man. Everyone’s going to think I’m a pervert. I want to wear a normal costume.”

“What you want is to hide in the corner all night and only talk to two people. And no one’s going to think you’re a pervert; your costume matches mine.”

“Oh, sure, yeah, going to the Halloween party with my sister in these. Nothing pervie about that.”

She scoffed at his implication. “No one’s going to think that. It’s not like we’re going to tell them about our little game after all…” she said, voice trailing off mischievously.

Carter swung around to face his sister. “Don’t you dare!”

She laughed. “I wouldn’t! God, you’re easy. Of course I’m not going to tell anyone why I got to pick your costume.”

Carter kicked the side of his bed. “Great. They’ll think I picked it myself.”

“We’ll just say you lost a bet, we don’t have to give details. All you have to do is own it. The boys will laugh but can’t really say anything because you look great. The girls will giggle nervously but they’ll keep looking. It’s win-win. Now come on.”

Carter sighed. “You’ll tell everyone you put me up to this?”

“Yes! You lost a bet, so I got to pick your costume, just like it really happened, without the fun details of the bet.” Louise smiled as her brother cringed. “Do you want me to claim my own costume, or can I tell them you picked it for me in revenge?”

“Whatever. Let’s just go.”

“Really? You’ll go?”

“Yes. Let’s go before I change my mind.”

Louise crept out of the hallway, glancing around the front of the house. “It’s clear. They’re in the bed room,” she told her brother. Hunched over, he shuffled quickly toward the door. “We’re going!” Louise yelled. There was a distant response which neither stopped to try to make out. Carter pulled the front door open and they both hopped through, nearly slamming it behind them.

The front porch was a sudden black, and they had to wait a few seconds for their eyes to adjust. Louise laughed. “You’d think we were about to go rob someone.”

“I don’t want them to see our costumes. Do you?” Carter asked, peering out onto the street in front of their house.

“Well, no. Really, though, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. These are no skimpier than your average swimsuit.”

“Speak for yourself,” Carter said, twisting at his loincloth to adjust it. Slowly, he stepped forward from their porch, checking both directions for people. Trick-or-treaters and parents were grouped about the street, but none immediately in front of them. He started walking briskly down the sidewalk.

Louise rushed to keep up. “It’s not too uncomfortable, is it? I wasn’t sure what size to get you.” She didn’t want to point out now that it looked a little small on him. “Is it all right? It’s not squeezing your, uh…” He turned his head and gave her an annoyed look. It only spurred her on. “Is it squeezing your dick too tight?”

He scowled and looked forward, but his steps had a hitch. “I think you’ve given enough attention to my dick this week, Louise.”

“Don’t be mad at me! This was your doing. You’re the one who was making fun of me, taunting me, making claims. The whole bet was your idea.”

“You’re the one who pulled my towel off.”

“You were egging me on like you always do. I don’t care about your dick. I’ve seen in before, lots of times. I wasn’t going to let you try and scare me with it. You’re the one who bet I couldn’t give you a boner and tried to act like I was gross if I didn’t. You’re just mad because you lost at your own little game.”

“And you’ve been bringing it up constantly ever since.”

“Only because it bothered you so much. What does it matter? You act like you getting a boner was this horrible thing. It doesn’t make you some kind of incest pervert.”

“I never said-”

Before Carter could finish, a pack of kids came right up the sidewalk at them. He stepped to the side as they passed, looking away and at the ground. After checking around a few seconds, they started walking again in silence, passing several houses and another group.

“I like Halloween,” Louise said, breaking the silence on the street.

“It used to scare you. Remember that house with the mannequins?”

“Yeah, but now I’m older. I like the costumes. It’s fun to dress up.”

“You’re such a girl.”

“But I kind of like the tone of Halloween now, too. Now that I’m older, the creepiness and death is kind of fun. Don’t they usually have a fog machine and fake cemetery at this party?”

“Yeah. I don’t know. Don’t you think it’s kind of tacky?”

“Oh, you’re just trying to get out of it.”

“No, I mean, it’s been like three weeks since Stacy Hughes’ funeral. And here’s everyone laughing about tombstones.”

Louise nodded. “Yeah, that is kind of weird. It’s like she’s already forgotten. No one hardly talks about her anymore.”

“I saw Kyle Franklin doing donuts in the parking lot at school the other day, as if his girlfriend hadn’t just been killed in a car crash.”

“Yeah,” Louise said, shaking her head. “Is he going to be there tonight?”

“Better not,” Carter answered.

“Do you think Stacy would have come to this?”

“I don’t know.”

They let another group of trick-or-treaters pass. Carter felt the disapproving gaze of one of the mothers as she walked by. He crossed his arms over his chest and kept walking.

“Maybe that’s why I like Halloween now,” Louise said. “Silly as it is, people are actually giving some attention to death, instead of just ignoring it.”

“Who wants to think about death all the time? What good is that?”

“Reminds us to enjoy life, I guess. To take a chance sometimes and be something we’re not. Like a jungle man.”

“Is that why you picked this for me? To tell me to take more risks?”

“No, I picked that because you were going to make me wear something even more embarrassing if I lost. Remember that leotard with boobs on it to make you look naked?”

“I wasn’t going to make you wear that.”

“Yes, you were.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to make you go to a party in it.”

“Then what was it for? Just hanging around with you?”

“No. I’m not trying to see my sister naked all the time. Nothing like that night is ever going to happen again.”

“Carter, stop freaking out. It’s not a crime that you got a boner. It was just a passing moment. Given the chance, I guarantee you that most guys would check out their sister. Doesn’t make them all perverts.”

“That’s not what happened. There’s nothing that you have that turns me on.” Seeing another group coming, Carter stopped, stepping to the side, trying to hide behind a tree without looking like he was hiding. His sister stepped next to him, facing him. Feeling her look, he got uneasy. He moved his hands but found only bare chest, twisted his hips but couldn’t change the feel of the loincloth. “God, why didn’t we just drive?”

“It’s just down the street, like half a mile away,” Louise said dismissively. “See, there’s Mindy’s house; I’ve walked up this far since I was six. Come on. It’s two more houses down. Look, I can see your friend Dan going in now.”

Carter watched Dan walk up to the house, greeted by Rob at the door. He pictured all his friends and everyone else inside just staring at him as he walked in. He twisted his hips more, grabbing the waist of his costume and jerking about with sudden violence. “God! Forget it. I’m not going in there in this thing. I’m not. It’s too small, you can see the side of my ass, and I can’t even sit down or the thing will either split in two or smash my balls up into my stomach. Even if I stand still the whole time, my dick’s probably going to come poking out at any second.”

“It’s not that bad.”

“The hell it’s not. I’m going home.”

“Hold on. Let me look at it a second.” Louise crouched down, grabbing on to the flaps of the loincloth, partly to lift them out of the way, partly to keep Carter from walking off.

“No! Leave it alone.”

“Give me a second. Stop being such a whiny baby.” She ducked her head to peek under the front, brushing against his leg.

Carter skittered, trying to not leave the modest shelter of the tree, checking around to see if any people were noticing them. “Would you just leave my dick alone? God.”

“Get over yourself, Carter. I’m trying to help you.” Grasping the waist of his costume tightly in one hand, she stuck a finger along the edge of the underpiece, testing it. Scowling, he stopped struggling, just shaking his head at his sister’s invasiveness. “You’re not going to come popping out. It’s not that tight, Carter.”

“The hell it’s not. It’s been squeezing my balls the whole walk over. And there’s like a stitch poking me.”

Louise groaned. “Hold still. Let me look.” With barely any light, she squinted and peered, just able to make out the line of stitching that went across his underpiece about an inch down from the waist, right across his penis. She had to admit, it was bad design and cheaply made, though she wouldn’t say so out loud.

She felt along the stitch, making Carter squirm again. “Keep still. I’ll grab you by the balls if I have to.” Finally having gained his very reluctant cooperation, she picked at the edge, finding the end of the plastic thread that was sticking out. It poked into Carter, making him squirm. She tugged the flaps to get him to hold still. Carefully, she picked and twisted at the plastic, trying to get it to at least bend away from him, but even after spinning around, it seemed determined to angle to the inside. Finally, after about the fourth twist, the plastic thread simply broke off at the end.

“There,” she said, explaining what she’d done. “It should also make it a little less tight.”

“And a lot more revealing,” Carter said.

“You can’t see anything behind the flaps.”

“In the light inside, they might. And if that thread’s gone, what if it just comes apart? It feels a lot looser.”

“It’s not going to fall apart. It’s fine, I promise,” Louise said, standing back up. “Let’s just go in.”

“I’m not going in like this. You can go without me. I don’t care.”

“I’m not going without you. Come on,” She said, pushing at his shoulders.

He flipped his arm up, breaking her push. He turned toward her, and they stared each other down. “Louise, I am not going. End of story.”

“Why not?”

“This costume looks ridiculous-”

“It looks great on you.”

“-And, it’s uncomfortable and still way too tight.” They glared at each other.

“Okay, you know what, Carter?” In one flurry of motion, she reached for her brother’s costume, so quick that Carter barely had time to jump at the sudden pressure on his balls. In one sudden movement, Louise yanked at part covering her brother’s genitals. With a sharp jerk and a snap, her hand came clear.

“Louise!” Carter said, jumping back.

“There. No you have all the room you need, Carter!” Louise said, shaking her fist at him still holding some piece of faux leather. She turned and heaved the piece between two houses with all her might. It flew toward a bush and fence, vanishing into darkness.

“What the hell?” Carter said. Instinctively, both hands flew to his crotch underneath the flaps to cover and protect. To his shock, all they found there was free skin.

“So are you happy now? Is that better?” She asked sarcastically. She waved her arms around as she spoke. Instead of responding, he just hunched over in shocked silence. “Fine. Let’s go home.”

“Louise. You just tore my costume in half.”

“It’s…fine,” she answered. She remembered how the piece felt as she threw it, and it started dawning on her what she’d done.

“It’s not fine. I mean…” He stuttered, gesturing with his hands, then finally just stood up and put his arms out, letting her see.

“Oh,” Louise said quietly, feeling all the blood drain from her. Even from a higher angle a few feet away, looking down at those three triangular flaps in the low light under a tree, she could clearly see most of the head of her brother’s penis hanging off him. “Oops.”

“It’s not enough that you made me wear this thing, now you ripped most of it off. So I’m basically naked out here.”

“Sorry,” Louise said weakly.

“Sorry?” Carter glanced around, ducking as much behind the tree as he could. “Louise, what am I going to do? How am I supposed to get home like this?”

“It’s dark…”

“It’s not that dark. Am I supposed to just walk down the sidewalk floppin’ around? There’s half a mile of pavement and a hundred kids and parents between here and our house and every one of them would see my dick.”

“I’m sorry! Can’t you just…cover up?”

Carter put his hands over himself, trying various approaches – one-handed, two-handed, over and under the flaps. “Yeah, that looks great. I’ll just shuffle home past all the little kids basically naked with my hands over my dick. Shit.”

A car came to a stop at the curb across the street and a house down. Two more people he recognized from school got out of the car, heading toward the party. He cowered as much in the darkness of the tree trunk as he could.

“Okay, here.” Louise fiddled with something on herself, taking a high step with each leg behind Carter’s back as he peered at the other teenagers walking across the street. She thrust something around his side. “Use these.”

“What is it?” Carter took the item, seeing leopard-print. He twisted the strange fabric in his hand before finally having to hold it into the moonlight to see. “I’m not wearing your panties, Louise.”

“Just to get home, Carter. My skirt is a little longer and I don’t have anything hanging down to be seen.”

“No! There’s no way I’m wearing my sister’s panties! It’s disgusting.”

“Oh, get over it, Carter. Alright, you think I’m gross, I get it. Stop being an asshole just because you feel guilty that for one minute you kind of wanted to fuck your sister.”

“I did not-” He cut himself off, looking back over his shoulder to make sure no one was noticing them. “You know what, Louise? Fuck you.” Balling her panties in one hand, he threw them as hard as he could into the darkness. “How’s that?”

“That’s great, Carter. Now what are we going to do?”

“I guess I’ll walk home naked, Louise. What else can I do?”

Taking a quick look around, Carter started back down the street. Louise stood incredulous, shaking her head at her brother. When it was clear he meant it, she jogged the few yards to catch up. “Carter!” she called between her teeth.

He ignored her, stomping forward. “You can’t just walk home like that. Stop,” she continued.

“What else can I do? I can’t just stand out here all night.”

“Carter,” she said, her tone more insistent. Grabbing at his arm, she gestured down the street. A group of trick-or-treaters was four houses down, coming from the front door and heading to the sidewalk fast.

Carter froze, his angry gusto spent. “Shit.” He false-started, looking around. “I guess back to that tree-”

As he turned back around, a car was pulling up in front of the house next to where they’d been hiding. It was too close for comfort. “Shit.”

The walls seemed to be closing on him. Louise grabbed him and pulled him sideways, and with nothing else to do, he followed her toward the street. He stopped her at the curb, pointing at another group of people not far on that side. He could feel his dick brushing against the costume flap and tried to pull it down to cover himself discreetly.

“Mindy’s house is right there,” she said, pointing across from them. “Just stay close to me.”

He followed, taking her advice and using her to block the closest group from view. “So how do we get in?” He asked as they stepped up on the curb. He already felt a little better being out of the street.

“We don’t. Backyard,” she said, turning along the front of the house and following it around the side.

He could hear voices from the sidewalk getting louder as they reached the fence, and was blissfully thankful when the gate shut behind them. He fell back against the fence, hands on his face. “Oh my God, I’m going to have a heart attack.”

“Come around here. They have a gazebo.”

He took a moment, then followed her the rest of the way around the back, finding a well-kept garden yard. There were multiple raised beds full of plants with gravel paths leading from the porch to various parts and meeting up near the back at a modest-sized gazebo. The whole area was lit sporadically with yellow-white Christmas lights.

“Geez,” Carter said, taking in the scene.

“I know, right? Mindy’s mom basically lives back here.”
“What about Mindy? What if someone comes out?”

“She’s not here. Her family goes over to friends on Halloween. Their place is empty.”

Louise led the way onto the gazebo, and in turn they flopped to a bench opposite each other.

Groaning, Carter fell back, hands on his head. He was almost shaking with nerves, tired of feeling so exposed. “Sorry,” he said, realizing his legs were spread wide facing at his sister.

“Stop worrying about it with me!” Louise burst out.

“Stop worrying? Fine. You want to see it? There you go.” He spread his legs wide, flipping up the flaps on the costume.

“I don’t want to see it, I just don’t care. Stop being an asshole about it.”

“Right, I’m the asshole. You yank off my towel, do a stripper dance, taunt me relentlessly, make me wear this stupid costume, make me go to the stupid party in it, rip it apart and leave me naked in the street, accuse me of wanting to fuck my sister, and I’m the asshole.”

Louise practically lifted off her seat, fuming at her brother. “You try to annoy me and scare me by coming into my room in just a towel, then when that doesn’t work, you call me ugly and gross, then when you get a boner you completely freak out. You act completely bipolar around me all week, nice one minute, then jumping down my throat the next. You taunt me about making me wear some stupid slut costume, and when I do it to you, you throw a fit. You say you’ll only go if I wear one too, then you say it’s perverted for us to go like that. When we do finally get down there, and you throw another fit. So yeah, you’re an asshole.”

“I guess we’re both assholes.”


“And now we’re both half-naked, hiding out in a stranger’s back yard. God, we are fucked up.”

Louise started laughing painfully. “I’m sorry. It’s just…I just ripped your costume right off, didn’t I? I’m sorry,” she said, still laughing.

Carter sighed, collapsing back onto the bench. He flipped the costume flaps back down, situating them over himself. He noticed Louise looking. “Not much help now, are they?”

Louise shook her head. “The street will clear out in an hour or two. Mom and Dad won’t expect us back until later anyway.”

“So we just hang out here?”

“Pretty much.” She nodded, and he nodded back absently. They stared around them into the garden, surrounded by darkness. Occasionally, sounds of kids echoed back from the street. “Tarzan and Jane, hanging out in the jungle,” Louise said.

“Yeah, so much for living up to our costumes.”

“Well, Jane is kind of stuffy and bossy, so I’ve probably managed that okay.”

“I’m not exactly king of the jungle as I cower around in the dark, hoping no one sees me.”

Louise shrugged, returning to silence. She stared off sideways into the garden. Carter looked at her profiled face, then the rest of her body, set off by the strings of lights, giving the impression of candlelight. He tried to imagine her as Jane, living in the jungle, devoted to her wild man in all things, fierce and primal. She sat with her legs uncrossed, and he remembered she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Just a fake animal-skin dress covering nothing but her own primal parts.

He caught himself straining his eyes to try and see in the darkness under her costume. He put his hand to his head, squeezing his temple in self-punishment. He looked back at her again, sitting strangely relaxed, looking off sideways. He knew that, whatever she might be bothered by, it wasn’t his presence or his nakedness. She was justifiably mad only at his own unreasonable treatment of her, but still he was sure she wouldn’t hold a grudge. Her anger would bleed away at the first opportunity, accepting him again. He wished he could accept himself so easily.

She noticed him looking, but didn’t seem to think anything of it. “You know, it is kind of too bad. We’ve have been a hit at that party,” she said.

“Well, you might have been. Me, they would just laugh at.”

“I mean, yeah, they’d make fun, but only because they’d be jealous of the attention you’d get.”


“Really. You don’t seem to realize that you’ve grown, like four inches this year. You’re used to being the little guy and you’re not anymore. You’re an upperclassman, you’re tall and athletic. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

Carter shifted awkwardly on the bench, crossing his arms across his chest, then closing his legs sharply again. He turned to one side part-way, trying to keep some semblance of modesty.

Louise could see the embarrassment flowing off her brother, and felt terrible. “I’m sorry, Carter. I never should have made you wear that stupid costume.”

“It’s my own fault. I did egg you into it. I was just…acting like a moron. I don’t know.”

“Well, it’s still my fault it didn’t fit you. And my fault that it got…ripped apart.” A laugh popped out of her mouth, which she pressed tight and covered with a hand. “Sorry.”

“You did go completely Incredible Hulk on this thing. What was that?”

Louise started laughing, keep her mouth covered to stay silent but with her shoulders bouncing wildly. “I’m sorry.”

Carter waved the apology off. “What time is it?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t bring my phone.”


“I had nowhere to put it! I didn’t have a purse that matched this outfit, and it had no pockets or anything, and we were just down the street.”

“Separated from your phone? No wonder you’re having problems. It’s probably crying itself to sleep at home.”

“Shut up. Did you bring yours?”

Carter scoffed incredulously before realizing she was joking.

“Well, Carter, did you?” she pushed again.

“Yes. I’ve been carrying it this whole time.”

“Really? Where?” Louise teased.

“I’ve been very carefully holding it between my butt cheeks.”

“Really? Because I didn’t see it there when you were walking down the street,” Louise said, laughing again.

“Stop it,” Carter said, drawing in again. “Am I really showing that much?” He twisted on the bench to see himself.

“Not quite, but, almost,” Louise said, getting more serious again. “How much came off?”

“Pretty much the whole underwear piece,” Carter said after some checking. “The flaps are wrapped over the waist band and the rest was kind of stitched to it, and that’s all gone. It’s basically just flaps now.”

“Could you turn it around? Does the back part cover more?”

Carter stood, stepping away from his sister. Realizing there was nowhere really to hide, he just turned away from her and twisted at the costume.

“Does that work?” Louise asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Let me see.”

Reluctantly, he turned toward his sister, moving his hands away. She made a face. “Does it…” he started.

She shook her head. He checked himself again, able to tell the end of his dick was hanging below the flap. “If anything, it’s worse. The extra pieces on the front at least obscure it a little. This fucking thing. I swear as soon as we’re home I’m sticking it in the fireplace.”

He sighed, turning and replacing the costume. “Look at it this way,” Louise said. “It just means you have a big dick.”

“I think you’d have to have a pretty tiny thing to be covered by this thing,” Carter said, sitting back down.

“I could go try to find that piece I threw,” Louise offered.

Carter considered. “I don’t see what good it would do. We can’t reattach it. You could go find your underwear, though.”

“Where do you think it went?”

“I’m not sure. I threw it pretty hard. Probably over the fence.”

“I’ll never find it in the dark.” Louise shook her head. “We might as well just wait here. In a bit the street will have cleared and it’ll be pitch black away from the light poles and we can just walk home.”

“Yeah,” Carter agreed.

They sat in an awkward silence, Carter squeezed in on himself. He groaned, leaning back and letting his arms and legs fall open. “I can’t sit like this all night.”

“It’s fine,” Louise said, glancing again at her brother’s very exposed crotch. Sitting like that, the flaps did next to nothing as his dick came right through between them, with two triangles fallen to one side and one on the other. Even in the soft lighting she had no trouble seeing most of the length of his dick resting on the curve of his balls. She leaned back on her bench, not wanting to look like she was getting too close. “It’s no problem. Whatever’s comfortable.”

Carter watched his sister, looking for any signs she was bothered by his exposure, but she stared hard off the side, quickly making it clear to him that she was avoiding looking. The image of her in that costume seemed so strange, starting with her bare shoulder, along with the bare spot just below her throat. It was a somewhat stiff costume, and as she sat, it had shifted up on her. Carter realized that with her sitting back, the darkness between her legs was no longer total. Soon, his eyes began interpreting the lines and shadows he was seeing.

She turned her head back toward him, and their eyes met with a mutual sort of guilt.

“Um…I was just noticing you’re not wearing your necklace today,” Carter finally managed.

“Yeah. It didn’t really go with the costume either. I was trying to kind of commit to the jungle character, I guess.” She continued, trying to fill the empty air. “You know, Jane, lost in the jungle, completely separated from her civilization, away from everything and everybody she knows, dependent on this strange and powerful wild man…” she drifted off, catching where her line of thought was going. She forced herself to look off to the side again, staring at the same bush as before, trying to focus on its leaves.

As she turned, her legs spread slightly more. He tried not to look, was at best able to force his eyes to the rest of her. She’d only this year stopped playing tennis, which had kept her figure wiry and athletic, and while she’d thickened to a little fuller figure, her shoulders and neck had maintained that same athletic shape.

Still, all her lines seemed to just pull his eyes down to that not-so-dark spot, those two smooth lips with a sharp black line down the middle, capped by a short but consistent covering of hairs. In the soft, warm light, he couldn’t really make out the color, and his mind shot back to a week before, when it had stood out to him clearly. He had been surprised that her pubic hair had been darker than her light brown hair, a neatly trimmed triangle that had rocked as she twisted her hips in front of him, meeting his stupid and lewd challenge all too well.

Carter stood up suddenly. “I think we should go ahead and make a try. I don’t really want to sit here all night.”

Louise looked over in surprise. “What’s the rush? If you don’t want to just wait, I could go back-”

“I just want this to be over with, that’s all. It’s dark. We should just go,” he said, walking from the gazebo. Louise followed.

Louise shut the gate after them, rushing to catch up to him at the corner of the house, where he was already scoping the scene.

Carter gave the plan emphatically. “Okay, so there’s a bunch of people over there across the street. We’ll come down this side a minute, wait until they pass by, then cross back to that side and follow it since the light poles are all over here. We get home, we sneak in, and we destroy these fucking costumes.”

As they waited, Carter glanced back at the party behind them. Cars were lined on the street, almost to Mindy’s house, and not far down he saw another pulling up. He started drifting down the sidewalk the other way, trying to add distance. Meanwhile, the group across the street stopped at the next house.

“It’s Darren,” Louise whispered, gesturing next door.

Glancing, Carter saw it was their acquaintance from school getting out of the car. Adjusting his flaps one more time, he walked farther away toward the edge of Mindy’s property. “Here,” he said, stepping off the curb behind a little car parked in front of the house. It put them half a house away from a light pole.

“Kind of out in the open here,” Louise said, coming around her brother to block the view from the street.

“Once that group goes by, we’ll go across and be should be pretty clear,” Carter said.

Louise looked around doubtfully. Across the street where the group was, the couple who lived there seemed eager to come outside to meet all trick-or-treaters, and the group was lingering. Behind them, Darren said something almost audible, and they both whipped their heads around to make sure he hadn’t spotted them.

“Just a minute more,” Carter said, the confidence wavering in his voice. He adjusted his costume once more, getting closer to the back of the little hatchback they were hiding against. “What an ugly car,” Carter said, nervous.

“It’s Mindy’s,” Louise said, trying to break the tension. “She just bought it a couple months ago.”

“She didn’t happen to give you any keys?” Carter asked.

Louise shook her head, looking around again. The group across from them lingered as the adults talked, and the kids seemed to be getting antsy and jumped around on the far curb. Darren had gotten out his phone and lingered by his car. The other group from down the street was crossing to their side, kids in front running to a house just a couple down from them. “We’re boxed in,” she said.

Carter stretched his head, looking around. “Shit.”

“Head back to the gazebo?”

“Yeah.” Carter stepped, but froze at the back edge of the car, pushing his sister back behind it. “Shit. Darren’s right there on his phone looking this way.”

There was nowhere to go, and everyone seemed to be closing in on them. “Shit. Shit!” Carter whispered.

Louise could see the look in his eyes; Carter was ready to bolt. She could just see him sprinting down the street essentially naked, getting the police called on him. She needed another idea. “Just lean against the car,” she said.

Carter looked at her, only half hearing her. “What?”

“Get against the car,” she repeated, pushing him hard until his back hit the rear window of the hatchback. She turned out from the car and, placing her feet between his, pressed her backside up against him. “Put your arm around me.”

Surprised, Carter squirmed, trying to get away from the sudden contact without being obvious. “What?”

Pressing herself back hard, she pinned her brother down, feeling like she was about to crush his chest to stop him from trying to run in panic, pressing with her whole back, shoulders to butt. “Put your arm around me,” she repeated, grabbing them and pulling them around her like a seatbelt.

Pinned, Carter finally held still, feeling himself squeezing his sister’s body as she pushed into him. “What are you doing?”

“If you turn your head toward the street and scoot down your butt a couple inches, you’ll be out of the light and nobody will be able to see anything about you. They’ll just think we’re some kids here for the party.”


“Carter. They’re coming.”

Finally following her thinking, he obeyed, turning his head and inching down the car, feeling relieved that his sister’s butt was planted a little higher now, at least mostly at waist level instead of squarely below. He heard voices getting closer.

“Just act casual,” Louise said. She held her hand up to her chest, pretending to be looking at a phone.

Pinned down, his bare back felt freezing cold against the nearly vertical car window, while his front was quickly heating up from contact with his sister. He shifted his legs, trying to spread outward to limit contact with Louise, but his every budge was met with more pressure: her back into his chest, her butt into his waist, her thighs against his and, he knew, against his dick.

He shivered a bit, partly from the cold and partly, he realized, from how scared he felt. People seemed to be circling them, and though no one was paying much mind yet, it only seemed a matter of time before someone noticed him. The group on their side was starting to drift their way as the kids streamed down from the house one at a time.

“Here they come,” Louise said, squeezing his hands at her waist with one hand while pretend-holding her phone with the other.

“What can they see?” Carter whispered, feeling his arms and legs still exposed. He pulled his elbows in and brought his feet back closer to his sister, his fear of touching her suddenly less than his fear of the throngs of people coming by.

Louise adjusted with him, trying to keep him squarely covered; with some trepidation spreading her thighs briefly to make sure his penis was in the groove between them and not trying to stick out the side. She was aware of just how short her costume dress felt, as without panties, the whole stiff tube of material seemed to want to jump up her body every time she moved. She could feel the waist strap of Carter’s costume touching the skin at the bottom edge of her butt as she pressed into him. “I don’t know. Hold still. Try to look bored.” she insisted, whispering over her shoulder.

The group seemed to approach and pass with incredible slowness. Louise kept an eye out, but Carter just ducked the other way, almost putting his temple against her shoulder. There was nothing to do but stay there with his sister’s weight pressed against him and wait. After a minute, his back seemed less cold on the car, and he tried to follow his sister’s instructions to look bored. The pressure from her seemed to help steady his nerves, and he found himself holding tighter around her waist than he would have cared to admit.

Even as his chest seemed to untighten, another part of his remained frozen. He was afraid to so much as twitch a muscle below his waist. With Louise leaned back into him, he could feel his dick surrounded and help in place by her thighs. The whole area was incredibly warm, with a strange cohesion to it that he realized was from skin-to-skin contact. Her butt, as much exposed as covered, seemed to cover him from his belly button down across the pathetic bit of costume that covered his pubic area straight to the base of his dick, where the flaps seemed to be uselessly fallen to the sides again. The entire length of his dick was being half-hugged by his sister’s soft, firm skin.

Three little kids ran right by them, maybe ten feet away on the sidewalk, passing towards Mindy’s house. The rest would soon follow. He figured it was probably the most terrifying moment of his life, waiting to see what would happen there in the street. There was only one thing that could possibly make it worse.

And of course, the moment he thought about it, it started to happen. His chest tightened again, and he stiffened his arms, grasping his own hands while trying not to squeeze Louise any tighter. He begged himself, willed himself, did everything he could think of in five seconds to stop it, but it just ignored. Moment by moment, heartbeat by heartbeat, it got worse.

He was getting an erection.

Everything felt amplified, both his own body, and Louise’s. Gradually, it was swelling, pressing more and more against her skin. He bit his lip, closed his eyes tight, strained his nerves, desperate to make it stop. But nothing made a difference, it just grew and grew. It got stiffer and bent slightly in confinement, the head slowly wedging itself just barely between her legs. There was nothing he could do but keep his eyes shut and wish for it to end.

Louise blocked her instinct to act surprised when she felt the increased pressure on her legs; she couldn’t afford to do anything to be noticed. Besides, it would have been a lie anyway. Even as she played her part of bored girlfriend messing around on her phone and scanned around them to watch the other people, a portion of her mind seemed to keep full awareness of that strange warm shape pressed against that place where her butt met her legs. She pushed away the thought that, rather than being surprised to feel him swelling, she’d been waiting for it from almost the moment she’d thrown herself on him.

She felt it starting to press its way into the meat of her legs. She tried to push her mind elsewhere, but found the only place it would go was to that night a week ago when this had all started. She’d been so pleased to watch it swell then for her amateur little show, stiffening for her against his rude claims otherwise. Against his very will.

And now it was again.

A dozen kids streamed by, followed slowly by some adults. One woman glanced, freezing Louise as she made eye contact. Forcing herself, Louise sighed, slumped her shoulders, and pulled her pretend phone back up towards her face, ignoring the woman. When she glanced again a few seconds later, the woman had lost interest and was walking away.

As the group moved by, she sighed for real, shifting on her brother. His whole body stiffening, he squirmed slightly. “Stay still,” she whispered over her shoulder. “That group passed but there’s another coming.”

“Should we run for it?” Carter stuttered, barely managing to talk.

“No.” As they squirmed slightly, it pressed on her more with a weird curve. She felt Carter trying to pull back from her, pushing with his hold around her sides. “Stop. Just leave it. If you pull back, someone could see it sticking out,” she said pressing back again. She felt him winch.

“Sorry,” he said.

She could see the bit of pain mixed with pain; there wasn’t room for his dick without bending. “Just hold still,” she said. Spreading her knees little by little, she made room, shifting side to side more than she would have likened, until she finally felt her brother’s dick slide forward against her skin.

He gasped, arms tensing more. “Still,” she repeated, waiting a few breaths. “You can’t run like that. We’ll have to wait until it’s clear and get back around Mindy’s house.”

His dick pulsed as it had been doing randomly every few seconds while it grew, as though testing its confinement. She tightened her legs, trying to fearlessly hold it in place, feeling it cut through the thickness of her thighs.

A new worry occurred to her, and carefully she took a hand down, running down the groove between her thighs until suddenly it hit a bump.

Carter gasped again, feeling the poke on his tip. “What?”

After a quick glance around, Louise dared to look down herself, able see, just below the edge of her costume, half of his purple head poking from between her legs.

“It’s too low. Hold on,” she said. She tugged down at her costume, but it just didn’t have any give to it; it only barely covered her crotch as it was. She would have to pull an inch away from him for it not to stick out at all. It would have to move up to at least get in the shadow of her costume. She spread her thighs, hoping to move it without using her hand. It seemed unwilling to slide up, their skin somewhat stuck together. She spread a little more and twisted. Just as she was about to give up and simply grab it, it suddenly gave, popping loose.

His dick had to angle down to stay between her thighs. Given the chance, it tried to come up to level, jumping up her thigh until it went as far as it could.

It couldn’t have been more than a tap, but it felt like a body slam. His shaft came up right along her pussy, with his head slapping squarely against her clitoris. She gasped, hands flying down over herself, covering the end of his dick, while her legs automatically slammed shut again. He grunted lightly, his own reaction to push his hips out at her, pushing his dick against her fingers. They both froze.

Louise jerked her head up, looking around, terrified someone might have noticed, but she could see no one looking. She pulled her hands away from their contact, and brought one tensely up to her face with her fake phone again. As casually as she could, she tugged down on her costume hem, ensuring it was low enough to cover them.

Slowly, Carter began to see what had happened and where things stood. The pressure on his dick had changed, from squeezing the sides to something pressing downward all the way along his length, right to the base. Countering his own push, he pulled back into the car, and he could feel his dick moving against her, a bit of roughness from hair mixed with an easy slide. Louise shivered as he moved, allowing one hand back to herself and on his tip. He froze. “Still,” he said, beating her too it.

“Still,” she nodded, breathless. “We’re fine now if we don’t move. We just need to wait until it’s clear.”

“Okay,” Carter said, looking off the the side. Beyond the little car, the road was pale and shadowy, people scattered as far as he could see. It had gotten cold, which he hated to admit. Louise’s body pressed against him, feeling almost sticky everywhere their skin met around her costume.

And his cock, hard as could be, was pressed firmly against her pussy.

Louise tried to focus on staying still: all she needed to do now was be still and wait until their chance to move came. But stillness turned out to be more difficult than imagined. Even as her muscles locked to stone, her heart pounded hard and her chest seemed to keep heaving deep breaths.

She could feel his cock resisting her, not yielding space to her squeeze, stiff but soft, and so warm. With each breath, she could feel herself moving just slightly against it, felt it press just a bit. His glans felt fat and bulbous against her, swollen and pressing right on her clit. Each breath moved her just so against it, at first slightly abrasive. Adjusting it, however, would require another dangerous amount of motion that might draw attention or make things worse.

Soon, to her relief, the abrasive sensation stopped, only to be replaced by a different one. His cock no longer seemed to catch, skin-to-skin, but moved more freely, almost slick.

She was getting wet.

She tried to slow her breathing, but the deep ones only amplified it. Each surge of air in her lungs would move her just so, a motion barely perceptible if not for the extreme sensitivity of the part in question. The harder she tried to hold the air in, the harder it came out when she could hold it no more. The more she tried to let her breathing go naturally, the more it seemed to build deeper on its own. All the while, with each puff came the indescribable tickling pressure of her clit rubbing and sliding on her brother’s cock.

Behind his tightly closed eyes, Carter just heard the same words echoing in his mind over and over. My dick is touching Louise’s pussy. My sister’s pussy is on my dick. Even if not penetrating, it was surrounded by her body, frighteningly warm and maddeningly moist. It was so wrong, so much more dangerous than simply having a ripped costume on the street.

She couldn’t believe it had gotten so intense so quickly. Hardly able to stand it, Louise quivered on an exhale. She focused all her energy and caught her breath, breathing in slow, even, and deep. As she held it, she could feel Carter’s breath on her bare shoulder, breaking up the cold breeze with warm blasts. Tightening her lips, she blew out slowly as she could. As her chest emptied and her body sank in, her pelvis seemed to fall back, and, giving in for just a moment, she let it move, feeling the end of his cock pushing forward against her. Sliding not even a half-inch, her clit seemed to sing. Her whole body seemed almost overwhelmed, every little muscle twisting, ready to burst at the slightest provocation.

She couldn’t stay that way any longer, she knew. Sucking air back in, she looked around quickly. The group nearest them was well past, the next one still a little ways down. Behind them, Darren had left; she thought she could just see him near the party house. The group across the street had moved on and been replaced by a smaller group that seemed more focuses, but was quickly approaching the couple handing out candy on their porch.

“Now,” Louise said.

“Now?” Carter echoed, opening his eyes and glancing at what he could behind his sister, still afraid to move a muscle.

“Yes,” Louise replied. “Ready?”

They stood frozen one more second, tensing, gathering their strength. Louise sucked in one more time as Carter’s cock pushed on her clit, then stepped forward, feeling him rush across her, sliding along her pussy before bounding up briefly along her ass.

Suddenly, Carter was in the street, leaning against the little hatchback with a full erection in front of him. Louise grabbed his shoulder and tugged, and they took off walking.

“Not too fast, casual,” Louise said, staying at his side with a hand on his arm. Their heads whipping back and forth, they hopped onto the curb and to the sidewalk, barely waiting before starting to cut across the yard. Even in the dark and partly blocked by his hand, Louise could see his cock thrusting forward, bouncing with each step. She kept to his side, trying to at least block part of the street from his front.

After the eternity of a few seconds, they were around to the side of the house. Out of the direct line of site, Carter rushed ahead, reaching the gate and fumbling it until Louise got there. She had to push in next to him and swat his hands away, opening it for him.

With a few more steps, they were through. They paused behind the gate, waiting, half-expecting someone to come tearing after them. It took more than a few seconds before they accepted the near-silence. Louise re-latched the gate; groaning, Carter walked into the yard.

Carter stumbled along the small gravel path toward the complete cover of the gazebo. Now out of the glare of street lights and the noise of other people, his system just seemed to keep crashing with each step. Not ready to sit down, he stopped at the entrance to the gazebo, leaned against one of the posts and put his hands on his head.

As he opened his eyes, Louise approached. His hands dropped to his dick. It had managed to lose a bit of steam in their flight, now drooping down but still clearly swollen. When his hand came into contact, it had a surprising damp stickiness to it, and Carter pulled his hand away, looking down before realizing what he was feeling.

As Carter wavered, he saw his sister looking at him. The whole world seemed centered around his penis, its every twitch a cause for worry, every glance sending the flash of fear up and down his body. The constancy was tiring, and he was exhausted. He flipped his hands away. “I give up. There it is,” he said, letting his head fall back until it thudded on the post.

“That’s fine. Don’t worry about it here. I don’t mind looking at it. I don’t mind seeing it, I mean.”

She rubbed her arms, then tugged lightly at the bottom of her costume, feeling a little silly about her attempt at modesty while her brother was so exposed. Even without being fully erect, it seemed to just burst past those little flaps, pushing them to either side so that the costume covered barely more than the very base of his length. In the sideways light from the garden, one half of it was lit up in yellowish-red, setting off its shapes. She could almost feel its softness.

“Um,” she said, breaking the silence. “I know what we should do,” she said. He didn’t respond or move his head, so continued. “I thought of it earlier just before you decided to run. I’ll just run down to the house and grab you some clothes.”

Carter groaned, rubbing his head. “Duh.” He shook his head, mad it hadn’t occurred to him already.

She stepped back, trying to force herself away, but unable to resist the urge to take a last long look at her essentially naked brother. “So, I guess I’ll go ahead and go do that…”

Carter looked down and, for the first time since the street, their eyes met. His eyes were a revelation, looking at her not with his typical indifference or annoyance, not even with the anger at her that she had expected from him as justified. Instead it was like a mirror, looking at her with the same mix she knew was coming from her own eyes: warmth, fear, and something else entirely. She felt her voice vanish from her throat.

Trembling, she stepped back. For the first time she could remember in her life, she was afraid of herself, of her own feelings. Hand fiddling a moment, she managed to point behind her toward the gate, pulling herself a few stumbling backward steps.


His voice was low, without force. She froze instantly.

“What about Mom and Dad? They’ll be at the door for trick-or-treaters.”

She opened her mouth, but nothing came out the first time. She nodded before finding her voice. “Right. I won’t be able to sneak by without them seeing me in this costume. What should we do?”

“They’ll run out of candy at some point and turn off the light. But that probably won’t be for a half-hour at least. You’ll have to just stay here with me until then.”

His voice got softer on the last sentence. Nodding, she stepped back towards him. Slowly she stepped into the entrance across from her brother, easing against the other post.

A voice echoed from the street, fading and giving way to the sound of the garden’s bushes rustling in the breeze. “In this yard, you almost could believe this is a treehouse in the jungle.”

“Works for me. Right now I’d much rather be Tarzan of the jungle than Carter walking down a suburban street.”

“For what it’s worth, you make a good Tarzan.”

He smiled, and their eyes met again. Louise felt the same queasiness come over her. She found a hand on her shoulder, fingers fiddling on the single costume strap, a cycle of light pinching, tugging, and letting it fall back to her skin. Carter’s eyes passed over her, looking at her in a way she’d only seen once before, but without the reluctance of that night a week ago. Her own eyes fell on his body again, noticing his dick starting to push up from his near-vertical position.

“Sorry. It seems to have a mind of its own tonight,” he said.

“Jungle man,” Louise said, smiling hard at him. Their voices kept getting lower and lower as they talked, the distance between them shrinking.

“Cold?” Carter asked. Louise nodded. “Sorry, I can’t offer you my jacket. I think the breeze hits that side more.”

An idea just seemed to pop into her head, and for a moment she froze. Inside her mind she built a wall around it, protecting it from herself, not wanting to allow any more time to consider it or try and figure out if it was a good idea or bad. She simply wanted to act on it.

“Then I’d better move to that side.”

She stepped away from the post, turning around to put her back toward her brother, and sank into him. It was a terrifying moment, and she stood stiffly, pushing back against Carter’s chest, waiting to see how he’d respond to her sudden play.

He jumped a bit in surprise, putting his hands on her sides, but freezing in place as she pressed into him once more. They both stood a few seconds, tense and scared. Louise was terrified she’d made the mistake of her life.

Slowly, his hands slid forward, coming around her sides to her belly, wrapping around her like they had in the car. In that embrace, all the worry seemed to run right out of Louise. She eased back, feeling her shoulders against his chest, tipping her head back until it was nearly on his shoulders.

Her attention turned to her hips, and she stretched and tipped herself, trying to recreate the position they’d had earlier on the car. Carter was standing more upright now, and she had to push off her toes to get high enough to feel his dick pressing on the back of her thighs again.

A thousand voices seemed to scream inside Carter’s head. He didn’t want to hear from any of them. He didn’t want to think about what she was doing, or how he should be reacting as her brother. All he wanted was to feel the sensation of her skin on him again and, if only for an accidental moment, feel his dick pressing against her once more.

Straining on her toes, she held herself in place, pressing against him with all the strength she could, trying to hold the position, and waiting for the pressure to increase. It had to happen soon, it was the only thing that could happen, the only reality she could accept. She grabbed onto to his forearm, steadying herself, petting his hair, feeling his strength as he held her. He had such strong arms.

As if her touch to his arm cued him, there it was. The pressure built, nudge by nudge. Straining further, she opened her thighs just so, ready for it to push its way in again. It took its time, swelling slowly, with every heartbeat pushing itself in a little bit farther, climbing against her skin a little higher, as if climbing her thighs like a ladder.

Carter puffed, breathing out right by Louise’s ear, and she smiled. His cock was about to fullness, and she felt him firmly but slowly press his hips forward. The angle was still wrong, the base of his dick pushing against her butt with his dick angling down into her thighs.

She tried stretching further, but was at her limit, and so instead kicked at the inside of her brother’s foot. She pushed against his body, encouraging him downward, and he widened his stance, letting his feet go forward and out, leaning harder on the post.

Having some room, Louise sunk her feet back to the ground, standing forward a moment to relax her legs, keeping his dick pinned between the back of her thighs. As Carter found his place, she encouraged him a little lower. When he was finally low enough, she eased back toward him. Spreading her legs slowly, careful as to how she moved against it, she let his dick push through her thighs, inching upward, until finally, she felt his head return to itself rightful place pressing against her clit.

She squeezed her legs tight on him, pressing her butt into his waist, pressing everything hard, not wanting him to move a twitch while was got used to the sensation once more. It felt so strongly, she could picture her clit to be as big as the end of his dick, two fleshy bulbs rubbing against each other.

Even as she held him, he started pushing, gently, but with such firm strength she couldn’t stop it. His dick slipped its way forward, bit by bit. She gripped his arm hard, almost clawing him, her other hand dropping to where the feeling was so intense. Her fingertips wrapped around the end of his cock as it stuck out slightly in front of her, pressing it against herself, trying to control its motion.

Everything felt slick to Carter, from Louise’s fingers sliding over his dewy tip to his entire length nestled up along her. With his every little push and pull, their skin seemed stuck together, except his dick, which slid without resistance. He could almost smell how wet she was. He kept shifting slightly, trying to adjust his position, wanting as much contact with her pussy as he could find, desperate for every sense of it.

As his movement became more rhythmic, she found she could control the powerful sensation better by moving as well, slightly against his motion, pushing back when he pushed forward. His whole head slid across her clit with each thrust, pushing into her palm, and then sliding back between her legs until it would vanish for just a moment before thrusting out again.

Soon, he started pulling back, his dick instinctively trying to find its way. She felt his thick head rubbing on her labia, splitting her open, until it was just barely teasing at her vagina, begging to her to let him in. Pressing her hand down, she felt relieved by the respite from the overwhelming stimulation of her clit. Feeling the situation falling more into her control, she enjoyed feeling his pleading thrusts, knowing his anxious hope kept building while she already knew what her answer would be. She angled up, denying him a moment longer with a smile she knew he couldn’t see, letting his cock slide back along the entire outside of her pussy.

She starting tip back, gradually, trying to help him find his way. After a couple near misses, he slid forward and it caught, his end just barely pushing into her. He wasn’t quite ready, and as he kept moving, it popped back out, flipping against her clit again, and they both grunted.

Carter sensed he was close, that in this moment, she was ready to let him in. Eagerly, he pushed his dick back into place, trying to find his way again. After a few seconds of frantic probing, he found his mark, resistance suddenly giving way to a different pressure. He pressed slowly, but the angle was still wrong and he popped out again.

Louise couldn’t wait any longer. Reaching between her legs, she found the end of his dick, snaring it. Tugging against him, she leaned forward, pulling from his arms until his hands were on her sides. Leaving her feet planted, she fell across the gazebo’s entry, resting her forearm on the opposite post, carefully holding his dick so that it never left contact with her pussy.

Carter needed no further encouragement. Getting his feet more under him, he followed her, ready to try entry again. Beating him to it, Louise’s hand moved down further, taking a fuller grip of his cock, feeling his firm, hard warmth. She slid it across the outside of herself one more time, then carefully lined it up with herself and pulled him in.

His head squeezed into her opening, like nothing she’d ever felt before. Carefully, she let her hips slide down a bit more, feeling it move. It felt so good just barely inside; she felt she could hold it just like that for hours.

But Carter found his footing. He moved to her, his cock slowly and steadily sliding further and further in. Louise gasped and moaned out loud, feeling his entire length press into her until the space between them vanished, his thighs were pressing flat against hers. He filled her, stretched her, teaching her how her own body was meant to work. She grabbed hold of the post with both hands, leaning her shoulder into it for support. She felt barely able to think, to move, to breath, every bit of her just seemed wrapped around his cock.

Carter felt her freezing up almost painfully. “Louise?” he whispered out a dry mouth.

“No,” she said, barely audibly. She took a deep, uneven breath. “I’m Jane, and you’re my wild man of the jungle.”

She stretched forward, sliding on his dick, then fell back, pushing him fully in again, pressing her ass into his waist.

Carter thrust up to meet her next move. He slid his hands under her costume, grabbing her by her hips, pressing in deep as he could with each slow push.

Little by little, he moved her forward, until she was practically pressed bodily against the post, arms wrapped around to the back, gripping tightly. He kept pushing, sliding in and out of her faster and faster. Everything just felt so perfect.

She tried to balance, but as he pressed in, gripping her hips, she seemed to be almost floating against him. She let him take over the effort of keeping it deep inside her, giving over to his strength.

He thrust up a couple times deep, almost lifting her feet from the ground, and then just held it there. She felt him pressing into her with every muscle he had, an incredible power about to make her explode.

“I have to stop,” he said, cringing as he held himself deep inside of her.

“No,” Louise answered.

“I’m going to cum.”

Reality flooded back into her mind. She was having sex. Not foreplay, not screwing around, but full, complete, unprotected, raw, possibly impregnating sex, and not just with anyone, but with Carter. With her brother. Of course, they couldn’t allow that to happen. Even if it meant stopping at that very moment. He had such strength, not just in his body, but in his presence of mind. But somehow, seeing the reality only made her burn more; hearing him hold back just made her desire for him all the more intense. In that moment, she would have broken any rule, accepted any consequence, just to keep him inside her for one more minute.

He eased back, letting her weight back on her feet, sliding his dick away. She could feel how carefully he moved, knew how close he was, saw how he’d waited until the last possible moment to call it. It took all her own strength to just let him go and not thrust down onto him, finishing their wild experience properly.

He lingered at the end, his head stopped just inside her, and in the last moment, she determined a compromise with herself. Suddenly, she grabbed his dick in her hand, pulling back up outside her to her clit.

Carter stumbled back against her, yanked by his cock. With wild, unpracticed movements, her fingers stroked his shaft underneath her, rubbing his head frantically across her clit.

“Oh, god, Lou…” Carter trailed off before saying her whole name.

“Cum for me, Tarzan,” Louise said. She tipped forward, face contorting, pushing fully into the post. “Cum for me.”

Arms back around his sister’s waist, Carter gasped and moaned. Louise could feel his body move, trembling, tugging at her for support as his legs seemed to weaken. His cock pulsed in her hand, flexing as she tugged it. Where her wrist passed over his dick to reach his shaft, she felt first a small bump, followed by a warmth and the vague sensation of running fluid. Soon, it seemed everywhere, running down her palm to her fingers, all around the end of his cock, in her pubic hair, and completely across her clit, where she kept rubbing him against her.

She had held back when they were on the car in the street; she’d held back when she’d gotten his dick on her again; she’d held back while he was fucking her deep; she would hold back no longer. She felt the last pulses of his cock against her as his balls kept emptying, and her whole body started twisting into an electric knot. She tried to keep herself steady, but her hips started trembling, then shaking almost wildly. She gripped desperately at the post, feeling Carter’s arms wrapped tight around her waist. They pressed against each other, keeping themselves from tumbling to the ground.

Steadied by her brother, a wave rolled up her back straight to her head, making it jerk back. Her mouth locked open, lips pulled back off her teeth. Carter’s hold got stronger, and she gave in entirely, letting her body jerk and pulse, her head at intervals flopping almost violently.

It seemed to continue for an absurdly long time as he held her in his arms.

Louise peeked around the edge of the house onto the street.

“How does it look?” Carter asked, calling behind from the darkness by the gate.

“Pretty clear, actually. I can definitely make it.”

Carter stepped forward, coming up behind his sister and peeking past her. He placed his hand on her shoulder, and Louise hid a smile. He was touching her from behind again already.

“It’s completely dead. I’ll just go with you.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah. I mean, on the dark side of the street, it’s not that obvious,” he said, checking his costume once more. Louise checked as well, tilting her head until she could just make it out beneath the flap. She caught herself, careful not to look further. Carter getting another erection could still cause a hitch, after all.

Checking it was clear once more, they went for it, walking briskly across the street to the darker sidewalk.

As their half-mile walk went on, they relaxed. Some people walked by across the street; they kept walking without a problem.

“Looks like it won’t be hard getting back after all,” Louise said.

“Yeah, I mean, no one’s really going to notice. I might have been making too much of it,” Carter said, a backdoor apology.

“It’s all right. Better safe than sorry,” Louise said. As the passed closer to a lit-up driveway, Louise looked down on herself. Right in the middle at the bottom she could just make out white spots against the uniform faux-leather. She brushed her hand against it, tugging gently at the hem.

She smirked at herself. Those two spots were nothing compared to the mess underneath. Even with the better part of an hour in the gazebo afterwards, there was little to be done to clean up; she’d decided not to worry. Jungle women didn’t have to worry about such things, after all. Her hand still felt covered in sticky residue, and there was just enough residual dampness on her pussy that the occasional breeze gave her a chill through it.

She looked over at her brother, walking, bare-chested and broad-shouldered, down the cool, empty sidewalk, vanishing briefly in the shade of a tree.

The lights were off on the front of their house. They crept onto the porch, and Louise carefully stuck her head through the door. Together, they darted in and to their hallway, each to their own light-filled room.

Louise emerged, fully dressed and cleaned up. She leaned down to peek at her brother’s room, surprised to see the door open. He was dressed and on his bed, watching TV.

She sighed. “Back to normal.”

“Yep. It’s all over. We escaped.”

Louise nodded. “Well, now what?”

Carter gestured. “Now, I watch TV until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.”

“Sounds good,” Louise said. She stood at the doorway, flipping her finger across the wood, seeing what he was watching.

They watched in silence a moment, exhausted, completely emotionally spent. Carter knew it wouldn’t be long before he was out for the night. It was better that way; whatever happened tonight was best not thought about. His eyes were already starting to droop.

“Goodnight,” Louise said, but paused, staring hard at his door frame. “Hey… Carter?”


Not looking at your brother, Louise picked a fingernail at the pain. “Can we keep the costumes?”

With the words in the air, she felt herself tense up, gripping the doorway and staring into the hall, feeling his reluctance to answer.


She stepped into the hallway and went back to her room, a big smile growing on her face.

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