I got admission into the University to study pharmacy.
I had to stay off camp cos I wasn’t used to saying with lots of people in the same room…
Though, the cost of a room off campus is so expensive, I needed someone who I can share with, so we would split the rent.
I found someone, Vera.

Vera is a very nice girl, same shape as me and same height.
I found out that we clicked immediately and became so close as months went by.
Vera became my very best friend.
My friends are her friends, my enemies are her enemies.
She hates seeing me hurt.

In fact, she was like a sister I never had…
Months got by, and we had good neighbours who we spend some time with after lectures.
Some days, we would gist about school, our love lives, family etc
Everyone showed off their boyfriend’s except me.
Well, I wasn’t ready to be in any relationship though. So what’s my own na….
Oh, did I forget to tell you my name? I’m Fifi.
One day, Vera and I were so bored and we had to stroll somewhere to help our self out of boredom.
On our way back, a car, stopped beside us and offered us a lift.
Well, we agreed and entered.

The guy was so cute! He introduced himself as Desmond.
Desmond asked for our names, we told him.
I noticed he was more interested in Vera than I.
He asked for Vera’s number which she gave him and he promised to call her the next day which she was ok with…
Then he stopped us in front of our logde and drove off.

Oh, did I tell you that people loved /loves Vera?
Sometimes people just see her and Favour her with either cash or gifts.
I keep asking what Vera did to get this kind of likeness..
Sometimes, I withdraw from her. She outshines me when I’m with her. So I try to stay away from her so I would shine too..
Did I tell you about her social media handle? On Facebook, Vera has thousands of followers…
On twitter, same
On instagram same too…
But she is not a celebrity.

Vera is from a poor home. Her dad is a retired civil servant, while her mum is a business woman……
Hian, i wonder what she posts that’s gives her this attention…. I asked myself.
I had to start sending request to all her friends which she wasn’t against.
Every passing day, her followers increase.
But yet, I was just there. No one looked my side like they do to hers.
One good day, I wanted to know how Vera met her boyfriend and know everything about him.
She says her boyfriend’s name is Collins..
How did you meet Collins? I asked…

How did you meet Collins? I asked Vera.
Vera smiled. She looked at me, and laughed soo hard.
I was dumbfounded….
Why are you laughing like a witch na… I asked.
She said, nothing, that I would be surprised how she met her boyfriend and I’ll be more surprised that they haven’t seen face to face …
Hian! I exclaimed.

Which kian relationship be that na? As in you are in a relationship with someone for almost two years and you two haven’t met? I asked shocked at what I heard…
‘ baby girl, yes! I haven’t seen Collins. We just chat; do video calls, calls and texts…..
She replied.
I met him on Eskimi, when I finished my SSCE.. We both got chatting and along the line we exchanged contacts….
he couldn’t come see me cos I was staying with my parents and I didn’t have the right and privilege to travel yet…. So he told me to be patient and get admission first so that he will be free to visit and vice versa…
Collins calls every minute to hear her voice.
Her phone is always busy that I always get jealous that no guy calls me on phone to at least ask how I’m doing.
He says sweet things to her. He sends texts early in the morning and late at night.
A day without Vera getting Collins calls or text messages was like heaven was against her.
When she wakes up in the morning, she gets to read lovely messages from Collins. She became so used to him that she couldn’t wait to see him.

Collins runs his father’s company according to what Vera said.
His dad travelled for medical checkup as he was diagnosed with Hypertension some years back. So all the family responsibilities lies on Collins that’s why he hasn’t come to see his girlfriend.
He is waiting for the dad to come back to Nigeria then he will be opportune to travel down to Enugu from Lagos to see her.
Collins takes care of Vera.
She doesn’t lack anything. He sends her gifts, recharge cards, money…….
After some months, Collins decided to come see Vera.
She was so excited.
She imagined how she would react when she sees him after all these years of blind dating.
She couldn’t wait to kiss those lips she sees on his profile pix.
She verbalized how she imagines how he will cuddle her in his arms and say those sweet words he sends as text messages in the early hours of the day and late at night…
‘that means you will have sex with him on your first night? I asked Vera.
‘As the spirit leads…. She replied with a grin.
Hmmmm! I exclaimed! Don’t oo! You must not sleep with him na!
Show him you are well brought up.
You know all these guys remain sweet until they must have come in between your legs, and then you will see how the sweetness will become bitter.
Babe, shine your eye ooo!
I warned her pulling my own ears.
‘shebi? She replied.

I don’t want him to see me as cheap.
I just pray he won’t ask for sex…… Cos I don’t want to appear cheap to him, Vera said.
It was already Friday.
The day has come for Vera to meet her online boyfriend.
She was nervous.
She made sure her hair was in order.
She already has a hotel in mind where Collins would lodge. She didn’t plan on staying with him in the hotel.

Lots of things went through her mind.
She couldn’t control herself.
She has been visiting the toilet cos of anxiety.
Then her phone rang, it was Collins….
He told her he was close by and that she should get prepared to see him.
Her heart skipped into her stomach.
She’s the shy type though so I understand her fears.
When he called that he was in front of her logde, she took me along to come meet her boyfriend….

To be continued..

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