I started chatting with Collins… Even though he didn’t know I was the one.
I took it step by step….
We graduated into calling each other. I never saved his phone number for fear of getting caught by Vera.
Yet, Collins hasn’t yet started calling Vera nor picking her calls.
She had to move on.
The heart break was so much on her that it affected her relationship with people, her posts on Facebook etc.
But how do I care? It’s my turn to play my card well….
Months later, Desmond was still asking Vera out. She decided to give him a chance, just to use him and pass time. Not that she would be serious with him though.
She told him about Collins and how everything affected her.
Desmond promised to be her best friend and someone she can always count on.
My friend got her groove back gradually.

Though Desmond wasn’t buoyant yet but I swear, he takes care of her.
But yet my friend still calls Collins who still hasn’t picked her calls.
Though sometimes she gets ashamed knowing that she’s dating a common driver.
At some point, I asked Collins if he had a girlfriend, he said yes but that they were not in talking terms, that he wants to teach her a lesson.
I would talk in phone with Collins for long. I knew I made him happy.
Vera noticed my phone have been busy lately. She wanted to know who my new boyfriend is but of course how will I tell her it’s Collins…. No I can’t.

I had to fake a story of how I met some guy like that and she believed me but still wanted my boyfriend to come so she would get to know him too.
After about some months of chatting with Collins, he started talking about coming to see me which I objected.

I instead opted to travel to lag to see him which he gladly accepted.
I lied to Vera that I was going to see my parents so she won’t suspect I was going elsewhere.
Collins paid for my flight ticket to Lagos and I travelled to lag to see him.
When I got to lag, he came to pick me up at the airport.
On seeing me, he thought it was a coincidence. But I approached him with confidence.
‘Aaahaaa, are you not Fifi?? He asked looking surprised.
I smiled sheepishly and gave him a hug first.
He was still confused….
‘What are you doing in lag na, he asked.
‘I came to see you…. I replied.
‘Hahahahah, you must be joking right? He asked. …….
‘So who do you think you came to pick up here? I ain’t joking na….. I said.
Collins reached for his phone inside his pocket and dialled my number, and my phone rang in front of him.
I showed him and he believed.
But he was angry I played him.
He helped with my small box and we headed for the car.
On our way, he didn’t say anything to me. I started apologizing to him.
I told him that if he had known it was me he wouldn’t have chatted with me….
He would have thought I’m on a mission to settle him and Vera and won’t ever reply my chats or calls.

‘So you ain’t on a peace mission right? He asked.
I just smiled and tried to change the topic.

To be continued…

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