I stepped into mentorship and coaching in 2018. After speaking in the school community for about two years, I was ready to do business. For those close to me, they know I love BUSINESS. Infact, most people mistake me for an Igbo boy.

I started by organizing Saturday seminars and the price tag was N200. I would go to hundred level class and despite their noise and their lack of interest to listen to me, I kept on speaking to them. You know why? I wasn’t speaking for them primarily, I was speaking for myself. I was trying to see how I could stand in front a large crowd and deliver and also, I was improving my communication skills.

There was this general perception that if you came to speak to hundred level students, you are either going to talk about religion or sell a book or introduce your tutorial but I was too mad for them to predict.
“I am not here to preach to you or sell anything to you so just listen.” I would always say before I started. I would introduce myself and then rub my name, POJOMATICS, on their mind. I did this consistently for a long time.

After about a year of being a ‘philanthropist,’ I decided to go into becoming a PRODUCER. On this fateful day, I announced my seminar and the price was N200 and the topic was, THE NEW LOCATION OF OIL… Hope this topic is correct? At last, the fateful day for the seminar came and only two people showed up.

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Damn!!! I wasn’t happy. Just N400 after all my shouting? I was bitter and wanted to cancel the seminar but somehow, I decided to just teach. After all, atol atol na witch. I collected the N400 and I taught them like I had a crowd of 1000 and when I was done, I knew virtue had left me. After the seminar, this guy came up to me. He introduced himself. He was a fresher and from the way he spoke, I knew this guy was a reader. I told me he was a marine engineering student. He spoke with so much boldness and I was amazed.

He was totally blown again by the seminar. He told me he was an entrepreneur and would want to do business here in school in addition to his good grades he wanted. I smiled because he wanted Pojomatics. He wanted academic excellence and wanted to go the extra mile to get societal relevance. We talked vaguely and we parted…

Last year, our path crossed and this time, he was in two hundred level and I remembered him and I smiled when I saw him. This time, I sensed he had grown. He had my mindset. He had connected with the movers and shakers in the FUPRE community. He spoke of his relationship with Onni Joseph Yusuf, who happens to be my MENTOR.

The moment he talked about his close relationship with Onni, I knew this boy had sense. I was ready to listen to him and he dropped the bomb… “Pojomatics, I want you to mentor me…” As he was talking, I saw his strengths and weakness.

His strength was that he was AN ADDICTED READER, one secret of every great man. He was very OBSERVANT, STRATEGIC AND CRITICAL IN THINKING, another secret of great entrepreneurs. He was HUMBLE AND TEACHABLE, an attribute most young people lack which is important for growth.

He was ready to submit himself to MENTORSHIP, one most youths don’t want because they want to a get the fame and cash too quick. He was a man of VISION AND ACCURATE PLANNING. With all this quality, I knew he was a time bomb. But the problem was he wasn’t a DOER. He lacked RUTHLESS EXECUTION SKILLS… To be continued.

The HEARERS ARE NEVER BLESSED BUT THE DOERS. You have lots of things you want to achieve but you will discover that you haven’t achieved them. You promised to buy your parents a car and a mansion years ago right? Have you achieved it? Nooooooooooooooo.
Why? You know too much…

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