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Many students complain that they are unable to maintain their concentration while studying. Let’s help you find the key to this problem with the following tips. Want to concentrate and think better? Use these tips and learn how to increase concentration and memory power.

These tips can also contribute positively to boosting your IQ score.

1. Get done with all chores
Whether you are a girl or a boy, you must be having some in-house or outdoor chores to be done. Make sure you manage to complete all your chores in time so that when you sit for studying your mind is free from all thoughts and worries.

With a calm mind, you will be able to concentrate better. Now, here comes the test of your time management skills. After returning from school or college or university you might need to take at least an hour of afternoon nap to refresh yourself.

After that, it all depends on how well you manage your time and get over with all your responsibilities such that you find enough time for your studies. You have to be your own ideal.

2. What is the best time for you?
You know yourself best and so you know which time is naturally your time in which your mind is able to absorb context from books most. It can be anytime, from afternoon to early morning to evening to late night.

Although, it is extremely bad for students to miss out on their night sleep for the sake of studying, if night time suits you best then you have to go for it.

Never mind, you can always make changes in your lifestyle pattern according to your own convenience. For instance, you can take your seven to eight hours of sleep by sleeping earlier than you usually do so that you can wake up till 2 or 3 AM afresh and filled with positive energy to study.

3. Switch off mobile phone
If you really prioritize your study then you have to set aside all other things that can come in your way. The best thing to do nowadays to disconnect yourself from all distractions is to simply power off your cell phones and all other similar gadgets.

Again, a major issue arises here as students complain that how can they switch off their cell phones when most of all their studies are done with the help of internet. Now here are multiple solutions for it.

Use mobile only for using the internet. Having such a great self-control is difficult so you can make use of apps such as off time or off moment to restrict you from using or getting notified from various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Temporarily log out or disable all your social media accounts by changing your mobile settings.

Use someone else’s mobile phone for this purpose and ask him to set a password to open all social media apps such that you don’t get to know the password.

4. Ask your parents to co-operate
Who will get happier than yourself when you will score highest in your respective class? Obviously, your parents. They are the ones who understand you best. A little cooperation from their side will work wonders for you. Ask them to not assign you any work when you have started to study.

If you have younger siblings or cousins in your house, that can become a cause of distraction for you, ask your parents to keep a watch on them strictly and not let them enter your room while you’re studying.

They will totally get you as they know what nature you possess and how difficult it is for you to concentrate in noise and interruptions. Ask them not to force you sitting with a guest as it will make you lose your track and you will not be able to re-focus on your work.

5. Most comfortable place
There must be a place in your house where you feel you are able to concentrate in the best way possible. Always study there only. Humans naturally feel comfortable and inclined towards certain places.

Just make sure the place is well lit, well ventilated and full of silence. Some people like small compact places to study while others feel open places are where their minds get most focused.

6. One subject at a time
You might be thinking you can multi task easily and maybe you can, but, still don’t. Don’t go about solving Math problems on one side and rote learning science subject on simultaneously. You might be able to do it with flow but your mind will not able to retain the information for long. Math is a very demanding subject.

There are so many tricks that you accidently come across while solving a problem and to remember the tricks you need to be doing nothing else when doing math. The same goes for other concept based subjects.

7. Breaks
Take frequent short breaks while studying to keep yourself from burning out. A five minutes break after every half an hour is ideal.

8. Use minimum books
Use the least possible number of reference books apart from your main course book while studying. It creates confusion and stops you from concentrating.

9. Shower
Taking a hot water bath right before studying really helps you focus on your studies.

10. Best advice
The best advice I can give you with my personal experience is to bring changes in your study patterns. Never study to get good marks. Study to learn.

Always self-assess yourself. Challenge yourself to make every possible question from the context and otherwise, that can be a part of your exam question paper. With such intention, you will not only read your books, but, you will read them with an aim. You can work on custom assignments very massively. You will have to focus on every line.

11. Arrange all things before starting to study
Make sure all the books and stationaries required for a particular subject you are about to study are already present on your study table so that you do not have to get up again and again to get them. This will be an obstacle to concentrate on your subject.

12. What to do if you get stuck?
Instead of giving up when you get stuck somewhere, mark the place, and immediately ask your friend or teacher to help. In case you can’t, move forward and you will find your answer.

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