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Where are the things our fathers taught us to do? Where are the things our mothers taught us not to do? What have become of the words our forefathers spoke about? What have become of the stories containing moral lessons our great grand parents told us?

Where is the value of our society? These are the questions going through the minds of some individuals. What has happened to our values?

In the aspect of “Respect” the society has deteriorated.Youths no longer give respect to whom it is due as was before. What is the cause of this? So many rhetorical questions!
With the look of things, the society is folding up! In the streets different social vices are happening, and Who are the carriers of these vices?—-The Youths!

Youths, youths, youths, Why have thou allowed thy selves to be used?
could remember vividly,in a street of our dear country, could you imagine that a boy of Nothing more than 12 years of age wooing a girl of not more than 8 years. Yes,it’s quite unimaginable, But it’s reality. This generation “they” say is the worse generation. But things can change.

A wise theologian once said, “Children learn faster with the things they see”. Parents,what are the things you allow your kids to see? What are the things you allow them to watch? What are the things you allow them to hear?.

A child’s education truly starts from the home. Parents, What have you taught your children? Like found in the Bible, “train up a child in the way he should go that when he is grown he will not depart from it”. These are not empty words.

Most of the evil done by youths today are caused by the parents, have you instructed them properly? Imagine a parent will get into a fight with a neighbor, then the parent starts instructing his/her child not to greet the neighbor nor even talk to the children of the neighbor.Why won’t the children of such parent be useless?

But the youths can not be spared, though your parents may have taught you what is not right, definitely you must have Been told the truth somewhere, somehow.

The society cannot grow without our values, Let us find our MISSING VALUES

Compiled By:
Ekweka Uche


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