My university journey in fuotuoke so far is an interesting read that tries to capture how far a an engineering student has gone in his academic pursuit in Federal University Otuoke.


After writing JAMB for 3 times in five years after finishing my secondary school, I finally got the opportunity to become an undergraduate in a new Federal University somewhere in the Niger Delta Region.

It was a dream come through as I was privileged to be a pioneer in one of the newly approved faculties in the university (though the institution has been functioning for some years before now,

My faculty was among the new faculties approved to start up. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw my name in the admission list. “Waow! In five year time I would become an engineer” I said to myself.

Fast-forward to some weeks later, I came down to Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State to commence my clearance as all “freshers” were directed to and in  a week plus, I was done with my clearance process and exactly on the 30th November, 2016 I had my first lecture.


Did I just say I had my first lecture? That would be ridiculous because I spent the time of my first lecture searching for the lecture venue and when we (I and some other colleagues) finally saw the lecture hall for the lecture, it was already over.

We only met other students copying the assignment given by the lecturer. What? Assignment on the first day of lecture? Wetin dem teach wey dey de give us assignment na? it was glaringly clear that I was in for a rough ride.


It was really a wonderful experience for me as I spent my 100level all in the hostel and it wasn’t conducive. I was allocated to block A, room 103. My stay here was very pleasant, all thanks to Onyenna AKA daddy. The only guy that can control fart. Tochi AKA killer – a brilliant one. Obinna AKA Dr. Steve who was referred to as illegal occupant. He made the room lively with his jokes and silly questions.

Though there was no physical fight that went down in my room, we were notorious for mouth fights. We would beat each other with mouth and yet not lift a finger on each other. We shared things in common, except food. But then, you dare not bring out your food in the presence of a hungry roommates because, “them no born you well to eat that food alone”.

There was also the likes of John, Samuel, Onos, Faruq and the rest. We were 14 boys in a room meant for 8 people and yet, we were somehow accommodating with each other. I on the other hand was the very strange guy who was seen as the boss cos of my quiet lifestyle.

I stayed in the hostel with the mission of building up my social life because I rarely mingled with people and also I had the ability to study people fast so with this, I was able to adapt with the wahala in the room, tolerate my roommates and also survive the life of a fresher in a hostel with poor food, no good bathrooms and toilets, we were doing it the short put way for a very long time.

As days turned into weeks, months and years, it began to dawn on me that the university was not a place for fun and excessive frivolities. It is a place where you have to be serious with everything you are doing. It’s a place to discover your academic weaknesses and strengthen them. Dullards are not permitted to be in the university.

University Journey In Fuotuoke As An Engineering Student

For someone like me, life in the university, especially in fuotuoke has not really been fair when it comes to academic area as there has been series of discouraging encounters that makes one begin to think if there is another way to success aside education. After much thinking and pondering thoughts, it all boils down to education being the major key to success, irrespective of how anyone sees it so I must continue in my university journey in fuotuoke.

Though I have the dream of becoming an engineer, am not sound mathematically. I remember having a CA of 4/30 in my engineering maths during my 100l first semester. With such a CA after all the tests, assignments and quizzes, I knew the only chance left to pass this course was the exam and I had to work extra hard and I made 50 in the exam and that was how I got to pass that particular course.

The 200l university journey in fuotuoke was filled with a whole new level of courses that seemed strange to me. Applied mechanics, strength of material, principles of electrical and electronics and the likes of it made me begin to wonder if actually these people meant well for me as they were not in any way related to the petroleum engineering I came to study. “Me wey no sabi calculation”.

Test and exams were very bloody. Questions were set without mercy, all in the name of making it NUC standard. Prof will always say that the questions were set so that when we take the question papers outside, when our counterparts in other universities see it, they’ll know we were being taught properly.

I didn’t have much of a social life in school, aside my media and journalistic outings that made me kind of known and my circle of friends were restricted to just a handful of people who I knew from my stay in the hostel, it also expanded a bit.

By the end of 200l first semester, I was battling with 5 carryovers out of 8 courses I offered. It was a devastating moment for me. The ones I passed, I had them Bs. What on earth am I doing in school then if I could fail 5 courses out of 9? My friends were shocked as I was helping most of them out in these courses. “Guy na lie, no de play that kind play abeg. How a whole you go get 5 caro, e no possible na” one of my friends said after learning about it.

Yet I was encouraging those who had 1 & 2 that it’s not the end of the road, without them knowing I was carrying 5. Life is so mysterious that we choose what we become. Whatever we become is solely a function of a choice or group of choices we made at some point in time.

I had to put in more effort into my second semester and this time the results though I was still on the ground when it comes to my CGPA, the only saviour I had was my 100l results and grades else I would have entered a probation or 3rd class CGPA.

The life of a university student is not an easy one, especially in fuotuoke and in a country like Nigeria. When we resumed for 300l, I met one of my friends who was studying civil engineering and we got talking and he shocked me with a big shocker that he has changed to economics. I was surprised because to me, he could still make it even though he has series of carryovers as well (not even up to what I had).

According to him, we’re not being taught properly in engineering faculty and also so many other reasons he mentioned. He was not the only one in this mess but he chose to quite, alongside others who didn’t have the backbone to shoulder the responsibilities or bear the shame of carryovers. How on earth will a 300l engineering student switch to economics? Well it’s his choice, he has chosen another path in his own university journey in fuotuoke.

My university life so far has been filled with so much stories, experiences, successes, failures, down times and disappointments that make me begin to think if am really destined to become an engineering student. Will I really be able to cope with all these failures that are threatening to extend my 5 years stay here to 6 years or more?

My family back home is waiting for me to come back soon with great grades, get a good job with it and then uplift their status quo and here I am, disappointing them in my university journey in fuotuoke

What does it really take to succeed in the university? I am giving myself to much academic works and yet it looks like I’m not even trying at all and it’s discouraging. Depression is something I have not allowed to take over me when it comes because those who gave themselves to it don’t have sweet stories to tell about it either.


Life is not a bed of roses, neither is there any shortcut to success but we can make the best out of whatever life throws at us. My story may not be far fetched from what is happening to series of undergraduate students out there battling with failures of various forms but I want to encourage everyone to pick up themselves and push further. When the journey seems farthest, the end of the road is just very close.

I will come back some time later to tell you how far I’ve gone in my university journey in fuotuoke as an engineering student but till then, don’t give up on yourself except you have decided to be a loser. If you decide to then think about those who look up to you for inspiration, those who draw strength from you and those who you motivate, if you ‘choose to become a looser then you’ve failed them.

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