The entire department of Arts Education (History Education) under the association of NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ARTS EDUCATION STUDENTS (NAAES) are in great chaos as the departmental election are at hand due to one of the Presidential candidate by name Mr Ozioko Abuchi Maxwell who was once a member of the caretaker committee in the faculty level as (Financial Secretary).

Before they were appointed as caretaker committee last year August, they were made to understand that if they accept the caretaker government, they won’t be allowed to contest for any elective position be it SUG, Faculty and Departmental level the following year (being this session), that was the rule.

They were vividly asked to turn down the caretaker committee offer if they have any interest but this Maxwell of a guy didn’t step down but accepted the caretaker as a financial secretary under the faculty of Education.

Now elections are at hand and the fellow wants to be smart so that he’ll he gain the Presidential position in the department, unopposed, of which he knows very well he’s not qualified. Knowing that only one candidate bought the form to contest for departmental President without opposition, Ozioko Abuchi Maxwell texted his opponent Johnbosco Chinemerem, (Presidential Candidate for the department) that he can make him the Faculty vice President if he wants to without telling him he has interest for the department position.

So Johnbosco Chinemerem refused the offer due to the fact that no one want to possess the form for the departmental President position and he felt bad because the H.O.D of the department had given order if the 300L students doesn’t want to buy the form for Presidential position, she’ll give room for the 200L students which is against the association Constitution.

Even when Ozioko Abuchi Maxwell hadn’t processed the form, he started campaigning underground and was still part of the caretaker committee at the faculty level. After the screening carried out by the electoral screening committee, he was disqualified but yet he is insisting election must take place.

From all these, it is obviously clear that Ozioko Abuchi Maxwell has tasted power and having being drunken with the power and affluence that comes with authority is not willing to let go, he just wants to cling on to it at least for another academic session.

What will be the decision of the electoral committee of NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ARTS EDUCATION STUDENTS (NAAES), the electorates and the CTC at the SUG level? These and many more answer to unasked questions will be unfolded as time goes on.



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