It is rather an oddity to say the least, that a so called ” friend , his sister and his campaign team” would stoop so low as to seek to dent my image on social media.

Softy, that is, Elvis Okwara and his sister Emmanuella Okwara went on labelling me thief on social media groups on WhatsApp and Facebook. They go about poisoning the mind of some people against me.

The issue they carry about is a false accusation which was due to a long time misunderstandings I experienced years back.

It is a bitter pill to note that Softy and co. whom I have helped like a friend should, would be the ones to stab me on the back, labelling me a thief, wrote a petition to the school to dig up and exhume a long time misunderstanding I overlooked.

Softy is desperate and would go at any length to get a small school position at the expense of his friend’s name with lies he’s no sure of. It is obvious that you can’t measure up with me at the polls and you Softy knows it, and so you went dirty, rubbishing my name in the mud.

But I hope my fans and followers will hold on the front and speak for their friend and brother Wisdom. It is not a dead end.

Aluta continua,
Victoria acerta.



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