It is said that a leader who has no follower is simply taking a walk and I wonder if the student leaders in fuotuoke know this truth as they carry out their daily leadership activities.

Often times when I see what people who are regarded as student leaders do, I begin to imagine what a definition of a leader is to them. Or perhaps it’s all about “eating the money” from the student dues being allocated to them or it is just about answering the name and enjoying the rights and privileges associated with their respective offices as student leaders.

Each day we seat in the comfort of our homes accusing our leaders but the one opportunity we’ve gotten to make impact as youth in leadership positions, we do worse than the leaders we accuse on daily basis. The students of FUOtuoke across all levels and departments have at least one complain, disheartening experiences but no one to give a listening ear.

Two years ago when the Steven Akariwa led SUG government was in power, things were nothing to write home about until Comr. Millow Richard A. came with his team to make the much needed change but because of the powers that be, he couldn’t do much as there were much frustration from all sectors, including the students who at various times sabotaged his plans just to buy friendship at higher levels.

Today, students queue up unnecessarily just to get their school receipts stamped, meanwhile those whose duty it is to get this done either come to work late, are busy discussing and chatting or don’t come to work at all and yet the faculty & departmental presidents see it as none of their business to ease the plight of their students.

Our school fee receipt is filled with payments for services we either are not receiving or are no longer functional and yet, no one among the student leaders has deemed it fit to find out why or tell the reason for all these unnecessary extortion.

The SERVICOM is seen functioning only during Exam periods. Yea we pride ourselves with tough academic exam questions even though we stay in unconducive environments to receive our lectures, even the lecturers are not happy with the state of the lecture rooms as they are too jam-packed , thus resulting to much heat.

Not even a single fan is functioning, no electricity but every academic year, we pay ten thousand Naira each (#10,000) as development levy. Please what are they developing? Again, we have student leaders who are supposed to hold the management responsible and make them account for the monies we are paying but, they simply don’t want any problem or they don’t know their work.

On daily basis the transporters take advantage of students and hike the price of transportation at their will and yet our central caretaker committee has not seen any reason to make any move about this and put an end to it. Oh! Less I forget or get too far, they were appointed and not elected so their powers are limited. Rubbish! I just can’t wish to have a real government come into office.

Talking about the elections, the political juggernauts, conscious comrades, I can never be intimidated gbo-gbo, corrosive & gregarious comrades etc are busy consulting and making permutations on how to get the students carried and win the upcoming SUG elections and I ask myself, what’s their purpose for wanting to become a leader or act in a leadership capacity?

We must know that the university is the last preparatory ground we as youths pass through before going to face the society and whatever we do here has a way of shaping our lives. If we must become students leaders, then let’s be leaders that are ready to make sacrifices for the course we’ve decided to pursue in the Aluta struggle for freedom only comes by struggle.

We shall continue until FUO becomes what we want it to be in the eyes of the world. God bless FUO.

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