deteriorating state of student's welfare in federal university otuoke

The deteriorating state of students welfare in Federal University Otuoke is too alarming for a Federal University that is still very much young. This post is aimed at highlighting some of the challenges students face not only in the school but also within the immediate school environment. Now we have to look into some internal issues within our school community, which has been a thing of concern to majority of students.

Let me start from the issue of the exorbitant house rent in otuoke community.
I’m very sure most of the students living off campus are aware of the unacceptable yet exorbitant house rents being paid by students. Now we can’t continue to live in that situation, it’s very important to address this issue with utmost attention because we the students will continue to bear the consequences.

Now in most federal universities, sufficient accommodation is provided for students till graduation but it’s a different case here in Otuoke. Here, the hostel built is meant for only 100level students who are forced to leave the hostels after the session. The hostels are not even enough to accommodate the 100level students and yet nothing is being done about the students welfare.

What is wrong with building more hostels to accommodate the ever increasing school population?
The landlords are busy building substandard houses for students and yet hike the rents. I appeal to school authority, for the sake of students welfare to please look into this issue because students are seemingly helpless and the landlords are capitalizing on the helplessness of students in this aspect.

Secondly I will also like to delve into the condition of our hostels and lecture rooms. The hostel environment in Federal University Otuoke is not a site to behold. For God’s sake FUOTUOKE is a federal university and not a mechanic work shop. The case of no proper school gate (gosh! so painful), construction materials littered all over the East Campus, inadequate buildings and facilities.

When I was in hundred level, I was opportune to live in the campus hostel for one academic session and I tell you it was not a very pleasant experience. There was always power outages because we only had light for 3 hours a day (7pm-10pm), there was always water scarcity (which caused a protest at a time), and so many other short falls when students welfare is involved. A situation came where we had to go out side the hostel to charge our phones and reading lamps because of the power outage in the hostel.

Now, with the look of things around the hostel, one will begin to ask how the money for hostel maintenance is being used because the effect of that money was not felt for a single day due to corruption in the system. This is exclusive of the one thousand Naira (#1,000) paid by every hostel occupant as hostel maintenance fee after paying he approved sum of ten thousand Naira (#10,000) yet no proper students welfare both in the male and female hostels.

Having said all these, I’m appealing to the school authority to look into this dismal situation of deteriorating students welfare in federal university otuoke and find a lasting situation to this menace as it is not portraying a good image of the school and those at the hem of her affairs. Let’s have the feeling our colleagues in other schools are feeling of which every one in FUOtuoke is also complaining of.

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