The 2019 SUG elections will be by electronic voting and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Sequel to the last general congress held on the 17th of April, 2019, it was unanimously agreed by congressmen present that the upcoming SUG elections be conducted via manual voting as it was the only way to make sure the choice of the students are made known and there won’t be any issue of stolen mandate or the management interfering with the affairs of the Students Union.

Days after the congress, it was rumoured that the caretaker committee has gone against the decision of the congress on the mode of the elections and is now opting for electronic voting instead manual, as agreed during the congress.
In a fact finding venture embarked upon by our correspondent, it was discovered to be true as the caretaker committee chairman confirmed the story during an interview session with our correspondent on Tuesday 30th April, 2019.

After the congress, we took our report back to the management and told them the mind of the students but the management categorically made it clear that there’s no way the elections will be conducted manually because they are trying to avoid crises that may arise during sug he said.

He continued, we don’t want a case where the elections would be cancelled, suspended or even postponed due to crises on the Election Day. We don’t want our students getting involved with student union election crises because the result of such scenarios include injuries and at worst cases, death and students who are involved in such crises will be expelled from the university and we don’t want such.

The caretaker chairman, Comr. Barry Ikosomi I. argued that the student union constitution is subject to the supremacy of the student handbook which says that the decision of the handbook/management is supreme over the decisions of the union and her constitution. Besides, we are just a caretaker government and there’s nothing much we can do in this matter, he said.

A majority of the students on their part have kicked against the development, saying that the management is not being sincere and doesn’t want to respect the wishes of the students. While some are expressing fears about the process being rigged by the favour or the systems being hacked.

In a sensitization meeting held today by the ICT department and all concerned stakeholders, it was made clear that the election will be transparent and fair as agents of all the candidates and faculties, will at the ICT to monitor the election process. Also, there will be live screens at two (2) points where students can monitor the process live at the West Campus.

More Information on how the entire process will go will be made available very soon as work is still in progress. Also currently, all network service providers with presence in Otuoke are also working on improving their services to boost the network delivery during the election process.

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