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Dear Colleagues and Youths of Africa,
We must be prepared in the realization of the #AfricaWeWant and in the actualization of our common aspirations and dreams as Africans.

My mind has been restless, my soul has been utterly splintered by the media reports of how young Africans are dying in their huge numbers in the Mediterranean sea, all in their desperation to escape poverty and deprivation prevalent in their homeland.

We hear, see and read how many of our Brothers and Sister in a bid to survive legitimately in the country of their abode, even within the geography of Africa (on the continent – such as xenophobia in South Africa, Racism in North African countries of Algeria, Libya, etc) are butchered like animals.
While we hear these gory tales, the African Youth are fed-up, tired of the unavailability of infrastructure, and Now is the time to take action!

My emotions are rumpled by the sights and intelligence reports of millions more Africans, youths, woman and children who are being maltreated and given the most ignoble conditions as Refugees, deprived of their rights, privileges and freedom.

In our re-positioning and re-construction of the African DREAM, All African Youth, equipped by joint partnership driven by an unflinching commitment of the African Youth Union Commission, isn’t only determined to lead the process but act as a veritable rally point for African Youths everywhere.
All well meaning Pan Africanist, no matter where they are residing, are to above all else rise to occasion and find a viable, inclusive and innovative way out of the present socioeconomic, sociocultural and political quagmire rocking Africa.

We are not oblivious of the massacre of young DRCs, we are not unaware of the starvation rocking Sudan and Somali, we are not resting at finding lasting solutions to de-contaminate violent extremism amongst Africans, many young Africans while burning the midnight candles, cut off from the realities of what power and light can do to increase and foster inventions and cutting edge discoveries in science and technology.

And in the building of a New Africa anchored on the principle of sufficient infrastructures mechanically, economically, and socio-politically engineered by actors of the new world order, the New Africa must be powered by the light of morality, reason and discovery.
We need result, publishable, applicable and impactful results.

This is a call to all YOUTH of AFRICA to take ACTION NOW! Join the African Youth Union Commission (AYUC) to make the dramatic impact for which the storms will wither soon, and for which the stem of sustainable development and inclusive Africa, driven by her YOUTH shall hang.

Your humble servant,
B.L Hart Lawson

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