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Don’t be puzzled, don’t think am crazy, yeah….! I can feel the inquisitive look in your eyes, yes you might think Valentine is dead, just as the history books said…

So they said, and history is honorable, records of our past and gives us a better understanding of the future, but is the honourable Valentine really dead? Well is left for you to search the world, he wasn’t missing either….!

The day I saw Valentine, was a day I will never forget, was like winning the Olympics, was like being sworn in as President, yeah I mean Valentine, I don’t know the Valentine you have, is true history recorded, even though there are various version of the story…..!

“Valentine has died, said some of my friends, are you sure you didn’t meet with a ghost,”….. This is not a story of ghosts, or angels or saints, this is a story of love…

Love is not a particular day in a month, love is not just a red flowers, red lipstick, red wine, and red dicks…..!!!

Love is not just for a moment, the day i saw Valentine, it wasn’t in the palace, i never saw him in the monastery, i never saw him in the church or holy place…

I have been seeing Valentine everyday, the street kids, without shelter, without food, the hungry neighbour, the orphan, the physically challenged, the old widows….

Yeah! Don’t you see them everyday, don’t you feel their pains, you can’t give the little you have, what really is love to you, is love just candles, poetry and sex, don’t forget, if really you meet Valentine, he will ask you…..

Do you really love, how possible is it you claim to love, when you oppress, and bully, and limit others, love is not in your heart….

Love has gone beyond strong dicks and lying lips, the candle shines in the dark…
When it stop shining it fails to function as a candle, once you stop loving you fail to function as a Real you, for God is ” Love”…..

Many are living in lust and fantasies, love is not just for a day, do you love and respect your Parents, what about those who are going hungry everyday around you…..!!!

Valentine just gave me this message for you all, don’t love just because is February 14th, for any day without love, is like a day without air, if you love then love for real, don’t be a monkey waiting to grab every banana you see, we are tired of hearing too much of the monkey vocabulary of love…….

The day I met Valentine, is everyday of love for me, don’t stop loving, but stop lusting….!!!

By Emmanuel.D.George, Award Winning Creative Writer.

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