WARNING: This article is very long and confusing and so it demands you to read very carefully to get my message. Reading this article will NOT inspire you but lead you to a cliff where you would have to think for yourself and questions your very existence and assumptions.  Be careful to understand my message.

Yesterday,  I sat with my twin-brother, Martin Oletue. His name might not look familiar because probably it was last mentioned in my article in 2015. He coined his brand name as IMMATERIALIST, a word that has no precise English meaning.

We knew it was time to step out of our comfort zone. We had spent most of our lives talking and planning but yet no tangible results. We walked down to my mum’s shop. He is more like a family member, the only friend around that I have, one that is very familiar to my mum.

So we got talking and suddenly, he said, “Pojomatics, get me a book and a biro, that is all I need from you.”
I immediately gave it to him and he wrote his name on it, IMMATERIALIST. There was a few minutes romance between him and the book, like seeing your girlfriend after about two years, you know how that kind of scenario would look like. I sat and watch him and then he said,  “I am back.”

That word was too strong.

We started talking about our mentor,  OMENA.

Omena is a graduate of University of Benin.
Omena ‘was’ a great writer with a great future.
We looked up to omena for inspiration.
Omena made us feel inferior after reading his articles.

I had to wonder sometimes if omena had just one brain or probably two.
Sadly, omena left us and we immediately became orphans because Omena was both a father and a mother to us.
Omena, where are thou?

The discussion began to heat up.
The room was charged.
I knew something was about to happen.
Two mad men in a room was not something to joke with.

My mum wasn’t around and we were both locked in deep sexual intercourse via transference of mental fluid at both extreme cavities.
“How did you coined the name, IMMATERIALIST?” I asked as I watch him documents some thoughts on his book.
He smiled like an old man being asked a question by a young lad curious to know about the dynamics of life.

“Write my name on your book” he said as his smile faded away. I quickly did that and the next thing he said blew my mind,  “Take out ‘material’ from my name.”
I did that and he asked, “what is left?”
“IM..IST” I said still in the ocean of confusion, trying to get air of clarity.

Dear reader, just as he explained how he came with the name and it’s meaning, I heard it clearly in my head,  “METAPHYSICS.”

If you passed through hundred level in the university, you must have heard that word. For me,  I have heard it twice: In UNIBEN and in FUPRE. That word means BEYOND THE PHYSICAL.

I had studied that word at some point. (Probably, Philosophy was what I was suppose to have studied in the university, but ignorance drove me to the wilderness of science class.) Just before he finished talked, I practically ran out of my mum’s shop.

This was too deep for me to be calm. I had an unconscious knowledge of this but having a conscious knowledge of this mad concept was not something I could sit down and receive. This was a launch into the deep for us.

Right from the oil city of Warri, two mad men are thinking of something that has the capacity to transform the black race. We are not planning to be inspirational and motivational speakers, there too many scattered across the word.
We are deliberate to become PROVOCATIONAL SPEAKERS, combing writing, speaking, visual storytelling and psychotherapy in programming the mindset of individuals.

IMMATERIALIST automatically became the HEAD of a coin and POJOMATICS became the tail of same coin and THE EDGE became our VIEW POINT.

Dear reader, it is time to understand that LIFE IS A COIN WITH THREE SIDES and the best way to view life is, not from the HEAD or TAIL but, from the EDGE REGION… To be continued.


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