This publication is as the result of FUO CAMPUS GIST Findings On Mr. Wisdom Akanimo’s Theft Case

Of all the  three investigations carried out on campus in other to find the truth, only two 2 yielded positive result and the 3rd is really interesting.

1. Comr. Wisdom Ameayia (President of Yenagoa Students FUO Chapter) who raised the alarm that lead to the upbringing of the case was interviewed by our correspondent and he told our correspondent that the alarm he raised was a false one. Hear him;

When I came into the room after bathing, I saw Wisdom Akanimo operating a laptop, before then, we have been having such kind of incident in the room, where by phone, all this kind of things usually gets missing and I was always pointed.

Then I raised an alarm, a false alarm without even investigating, that was then the school security cane in, when they came in, they just carried him, based on what I said, as I raised the false alarm. I am saying it live and direct that there was nothing missing, phone or laptop was not missing, please nobody should accuse him of stealing a laptop when he was in the hostel.

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2. Wisdom Akanimo part OF The Story;

I am not disputing the fact that a case was raised against me in my 100level about a case of theft, I am disputing the fact that it was not true. That was a false allegation that occurred and i was paraded because proper investigation was not made. Proper investigation was suppose to be made by the Security unit before there parade action with me was taken. I was humiliated, that is one of the reasons i am going for the position am aspiring for, So I can give voice to the voiceless.

My right was denied as a student. I only got to that room and was operating the laptop then a guy came in saying I was the one stealing the things that has been missing in the room and raised an alarm that leaf to my beating by the hostel boys before the CSO came to carry me away and paraded me to the west campus and then to the student life.

I was not given any chance to talk, after the student life the CSO then took me to his office and then told me to explain, I then explain to him. There after he advised me to leave the school for awhile, go get treatment and return, that by the time I return everything might have died down and i should not stay in the hostel anymore. That was it, I am innocent.

3. Interview with the then CSO. The CSO refused granting our correspondent the chance to get him interviewed on the note that the matter has been achieved and can only be revisited on demand by the election petition committee.

Investigation Outside FUOtuoke

A third investigation is from a post made on November 10, 2017 by a a Nairaland forum member who accused Wisdom of fraud by selling a fake Techno camon phone. The post reads thus:

yes I agree and accept of being fooled by a scammer in buying a fake camon cx for 32k yesterday in lagos , only for me to get home and realize the phone was a fake Tecno camon CX..awooof has purge my belle.. I immediately called him for a refund who fringe on being busy and started ignoring my calls, now all my calls to him is entering forwarding.. due to my investigative search with his number “08025234764” I found his facebook profile “Whiz Brainy Annie” and also i think his real name goes by WISDOM AKANIMO. You can read the full publication here

At this point, the only person that can Put Wisdom Akanimo in the Guilty or Not Guilty Box is the Security Unit and the election petition committee as the accused has also gone further to release a press statement.

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