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Ekaite head wan scatter,
Thighs don really wet.
Konji wan kill choir master,
Hand sink under skirt.

Tramadol inside black bullet
Fire don catch for NEPA pole,
Dickson deh blow trumpet
Wetin remain na to shook am inside hole

Oga don shift pant go one side
Clear view of Mississippi
Junior and Jennifer wan collide
Anaconda don ready to swim

Plenty sweat and saliva
Lips gum, body deh burn
Foreplay and b.j for who get liver
Cloud full, heavy rain deh ‘cum’

Press the oranges, suck them belle full
Squeeze from left to right
Chop one, chop two.
Enter with tongue and finger, anyone is right

Ground don soft,
To drop seed nai remain
Even soja go get bedroom voice
Once konji nai deh reign

Now weh iron don red
Nai Ekaite wan turn DSS
Begin fire questions without end
“Do you love me? What about your ex?”

Before nkor, wetin you expect?
Oga go give full time assurance
By all means, today trouser must enter skirt
Oga fit even give you life assurance

“Babe, shey you know I can die for you?
Na you be broom, me na APC
I was totally lost until I found you
Me na electorate, you na PVC

Because of you, I fit sell my papa land.
In fact, tomorrow we go enter your papa land
I go come with my kinsmen
Oya na, just open leg”

My people, when konji strong
Vulture Sef go resemble turkey
Dstv decoder go suddenly turn ‘strong’
Uncle fit promise you visa to Turkey

So long as walking stick don stand
Guy man go reason from third leg
All the bargaining skills go stand
”okay, fine, I’ll just put the head”

When konji don strong
Politicians go employ buttered words
Their orgasm na to enter Aso-rock
Power nai make dem waka ‘cum’

“I’ll rule for only one term
You’re the focus of this government,
Even the brain is useless without the head”
All that one na to just take pour their sperm

Remember when oga say “just the head”
Before you know the whole meat don go
Baba go run once the belle show
Ekaite don conceive, na so Shakara end

Last last, we would be left alone
If na lie, just check out the recent blows;
The killings for Benue when the herdsmen show
Politicians never kpai, so olopka no wan show

Their pikin deh school abroad
wetin concern dem with asuu strike?
Dem say Air force deh on board
Nai sambisa never finish with air strike?

2019 don near
I advise make we use our head
No allow dem make you fear
Na we go decide who go be our head

If our votes no count,
Why dem wan deh bribe us?
Forget the money weh dem deh count
That one na to entice us

I say, one day we Sef go fit pilot our boat
If only say we no go sell our vote…

by Obiene Solomon
Black Chalk Poems

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